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I did consider an extension, but I wasn't sure if I would then need help to move the cube, based on my experience with the existing Eglu. :?: By frequently moving the runs, we don't have such a problem with the contents of the run needing to be cleaned out.


Last week, I had to ask a friend to help me move the Mark 1 Eglu with eggstension (converter) as I couldn't manage that alone, I can only move one end sideways about six inches at a time otherwise. This means that the ground under the Eglu gets wet from cleaning and messy from the hens droppings that go through the wire at the bottom. The shape of the garden doesn't help, especially as part of the lawn is sunken!


I have already found the new cube is a more suitable shape for our garden :)


I like the ideas for the perches in the cube. I mentioned it to my OH and he asked if canes from the garden would do the job. Recently, I used a piece of wood that was lurking about on top of the Eglu to push through the original run and the hens have obviously taken to it. :D

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I couldn't move it very easily when it was Cube + run + extension. Now it's Cube + run + extension + extension I've got no chance. Will take pictures tomorrow morning unless it's still light when I get home. My fingers are still bleeding in places. Ow. Had to buy two pairs of shoes to make myself forget about the painful fingers.


Hi there, Johannes told me to use a 50pence piece to undo the clips first or a washer of some kind, i have a cube and a three metre run attached and i have no hop of ever moving mine, yesterday i had to crawl in there comando style to empty out three bags of barked chips :D to which my husband thought very amusing. I have 8 hens and they still look cramped to me. I was thinking of extending it again, but that would mean the demise of my tree peony or my beautiful lilac. I think its gonna have to be the lilac that goes.



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Mine is also the commando approach much to the delight of grandchildren and children. At least you can nearly stand up when you do get in - unlike the Eglu if you have a lot of extensions. :shock:

Tried employing grandchild to clear the Cube run but the money wasn't high enough :lol::lol:

I am trying to think of a way to make the whole of the front panel relatively easily removable and replacable (but still fox proof) - so far nothing has come to mind.

I'll keep working on it :think:



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Yippee. Dad has just called. Says he can't think of what to get us for Christmas,,,,would we like another extention for the cube. Husband couldn't say no. Hee! Hee! That will be 3 extensions and loads of room for my fluffy cochins and brahmas. It will look like a goods train soon.


By the way, bought some plasticote today to coat my second roosting bars in (someone else on the forum suggested it as a way of treating the bars so that they are easier to clean. I found some paint eggsactly the same colour as the green cube. It looks great. I'm going to attempt to make a mezzanine next week and colour co-ordinate that too. Then the eglu bars are going to be painted purple. Soon it will only be the chickens that clash.

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