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Deliver companies RANT - NEW RANT AT END

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Why oh why can't they be consistent.


A couple of weeks ago I posted about good service I got from DHL when they missed me in the morning and left a card but came back on their way back in the afternoon and delivered my waterbutt.


This week I've had a lot of packages - certain electronic items that are hard to source. I've ordered some from the UK and some from Germany. It was 2 orders but the UK one got split.


On Tuesday I found a package on my doorstep from HDNL which was the 2 UK ones. The tracking actually says


Oct 30, 2007 10:51:08 AM CUSTOMER UK Left at doorstep

Oct 30, 2007 08:19:45 AM BASILDON VAN UK Out for delivery


On the same day I got a card from DHL that they had missed me.


I spent an hour yesterday driving into a town I never visit - in the rush hour to pick up the package - it was the German delivery which DHL can't leave on your doorstep.


Today I found a card from HDNL saying they have a package that requires a signature and will try re-delivery tomorrow. THIS CONTAINS THE SAME AS THE ORIGINAL HDNL PACKAGE! (Acutally it contains 1 less!)


Why on earth was it OK to leave it on the doorstep on Tuesday but on Thursday they need a signature.


I wiould have been able to pick it up on the way home tomorrow as HDNL are in Basildon which is kinda on the way BUT THEY HAVE SAID THEY WILL BE RE DELIVERING TOMORROW and looking at todays tracking it doesn't get back to the depot until after I get home.


Nov 01, 2007 05:33:33 PM BASILDON DEPOT UK Arrival Scan

Nov 01, 2007 04:14:17 AM BASILDON DEPOT UK Arrival Scan

Edit - 3rd November

I'm EVEN MORE ANNOYED - I got this email this morning


"Dear Customer,

Our carriers have returned a parcel containing your recent order back to us with no explanation. Unfortunately, we are unable to tell if the carriers were unsuccessful in their attempt to deliver it to you, or if it was returned by you for some other reason.


Perhaps you would be kind enough to give us further instructions, and confirm your address details are correct.


Our customer sevice phoneline is 0870 888 1008"


WHAT??? I've had no card's saying I was missed! Nothing. The company it's from I havn't dealt with - I suspect it may be about the garden wellies I ordered off Ebay that were supposed to be delivered by Interlink. They want me to call aon 0870 number now! Fortuantley saynoto0870 came up trumps but I can't call till Monday as there is no answer today. I BET THEY ARE TOO STUPID TO FIND OUR HOUSE. Which is CLEARLY in a service road on any map. There are just 3 houses and industrial units in the service road - the people in the units will point you at the houses. This kinda thing ruins online shopping.

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penguinmad they drive me barmy too"


We use courier companies at work and regularly people havnlt been carded yet the website says they have been. Why would the person waiting for the package lie they want the thing surely?


SOoo In these cases we know ask the courier to get a description of the door (Colour or describe the building itself) They are now getting a bit more reliable!

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Pengy, it is beyond annoying,isn't it?

As I am an eBayer, & we run a business from home, we gt a LOT of parcels - at least 4 a week - & I am supposed to be in to sign for all of them :roll:


Today I was supposed to have a certain hard to source but overpriced electronics item collected between 2 & 5, I phoned at 5 when they hadn't showed & they said it would be later this evening.

Its now near to 10 & I am going to bed :twisted:


That said,it wasn't DHL, who are the PITS when it comes to leaving parcels - the jobsworth driver refusing to even go next door to drop of the package :roll:


I often feel that these companies control aspects of my life, rather than them working around mine :roll::roll::roll:

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Oh yes DHL once left packages FULL OF COMPLETED EXAM PAPERS on my doorstep when I lived in Basildon and anyone could see them there. Same series I had to call a school as I hadn't recieve their papers - they gave me the tracking number and sure enough online it said back at depot. I called and said whats going on there hasn't been a card or anything and the woman said "this driver has done this before".


Just think - kids go through hell to sit GCSE's and stuff and then these courier companies are trusted with the papers.....


And the press gives online marking a bad name - at least papers aren't bein sent all over the country to peoples houses in the hands of the delivery clowns.

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I feel they don't work around me too.


They just have no flexiblity and then you have to call the rip of 0870 numbers to sort it out. Or look up sensible numbers on saynoto0870.com


Every single day of the week I would choose royal mail and my lovely postie. In a year of living here and getting deliveries I have NEVER had to go to a post office to pick something up.

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What bugs me is that in America for example you can say the actual TIME you want a delivery or collection, & because the customer is number 1 over there, they stick to it.

And it is generally next day,as a rule.


As a nation we put up with a lot from our pants delivery service companies :roll::twisted:

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We have just had a delivery from DHL. I opened the door to a very young must have only been 16 guy who got me to sign for the package, (something hubby has ordered which I don't even know if I'm supposed to know about). It was only after I had closed the door that I noticed it said 2 of 2 on the package so I ran outside just as he was getting back into his van. The driver who was all of 18 and at best could be described as intellectually challanged said their machine had gone down but it only said one on his sheet, but to give the younger guy his due he got out of the van and looked again for me and found the package 1 of 2.

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I just had my daughters 2 laptops delivered to me after a repair on the both of them.


They are only 3 months old & went in perfect condition.

The delivery company slapped 3 large white stickers on the outside top casing of each laptop - the sort that DO NOT PEEL OFF :twisted::twisted::twisted:


They now look horrible,with bits of sticky white paper & adhesive all of the nice silver outer. Couldn't they have put them in a clear bag first?


I am really,really angry :evil:

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I am NOT having a good time with delivery at the moment.


Argos were supposed to deliver yestarday between 7am & 1pm, but didn't show.

I phoned 4 times, & each time a decidedly narky member of staff just said they didn't know why it was late,but it was on its was later on that afternoon.


But it still didn't come.


So I called again & they PROMISED it for this morning - guess what,it hasn't come :twisted:


I have to now wait in for it - it needs to be signed for.

I have been at home with a sick daughter, but it is so limiting waiting for something to arrive. I can't have a bath or shower, clean out the hens,hoover etc etc.


The Argos customer service team have been terrible.They really do not care, they can't contact the driver & can't tell me when or if it will come.


Sorry, rant over.


PS - don't even get me started on the laptops,one of which they didn't bother fixing even though they said they had.They were supposed to replace a lead, but it has come back with the same lead on it (complete with pink nail varnish dot so I could identify it - sneaky huh? :wink: )

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I just came home to a parcel waiting on the door step which said very clearly under the address "please leave in small shed".


I'm paying for delivery, it's not as though they are doing it for a favour.


That said, we also had an Amazon delivery today, which had been left in the shed, so it'snot that hard, really.



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