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I used to syringe it into their beaks to make sure that they each got their ration. You don't need to be very scientific about the amounts, just mix a bit with some water to make a sort of solution then suck it up in a syringe and squirt a few drops into each chook's mouth.


Some people like to put some of the powder in a grape.

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I put mine in grapes. Dead easy, split some grapes in half and use the tip of a sharp knife to put a wee bit of the powder in each one. One tip, though, have some untreated grapes ready to distract greedy hens so you can be sure each one gets one treated grape! Do the same thing over 7 days.


I do exactly the same, you could use raisins or grapes. Really easy to administer.

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I mix it in with their food. Dosage a bit hit and miss as the amounts are miniscule. It should tell you on the box.


Sometimes I have mixed it with their sweetcorn.....that way I can ensure that everyone gets some.


Click here for an informative article written by Lesley Jean. You will find what you need to know here. :lol:

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