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Which are better wooden chickens houses or eglus  

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  1. 1. Which are better wooden chickens houses or eglus

    • Eglu
    • Wooden chicken houses

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That's a hard one Rachy, as we have a few members here with wooden coops who think that they are just as good as Eglus so rather than saying why we think Eglus are "better", why don't we just say what we like about them so that we don't hurt the feelings of the wooden coop owners as there are some beautiful ones out there.


*takes off diplomatic hat*


I love my Eglu because it's really easy to clean, doesn't need any maintenance and I can 100% trust it to be foxproof when the run is attached. It's smart to look at, easy to move around the garden and fits in the back of the car so we can take it to MILs so she can look after the girls when we go on our hols.

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The Hubby gave me a fright last night.

He began to draw up plans for "The Great Chicken Pen", & sketched a handbuilt wooden chicken house in there too :roll:


Myself & the children looked at him in shock & horror & told him we were 100% certainly getting an Eglu !!!


He muttered for a while about expense & so forth (as men do) then agreed that NOT building a house would give him more time and the materials would cost nearly as much as an Eglu anyhow


We MAY let him choose the colour :D

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EGLU ...... any colour ..... :P . The adopted flock are in wooden housing, and I used to look after hens in wooden arks when I was younger. All are great for keeping hens ... BUT .. if you have limited space and want convenience of cleaning etc, then the Eglu is the better choice (if the pennies permit). :D

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its so easy to clean, it looks great, its easy to clean, its great for small area's, its easy to clean, you get it devered and set up for you, its easy to clean, there is this great forum to go on, oh did i mention its easy to clean??


see if there is anyone in your area so you can take your mum to have a look first hand. she will soon come round.

im only over in nottingham if thats any help!

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I haven't read the other replies on purpose so I can give you my "fresh" opinion.


The Eglu is fantastic - doesn't take up a ot of space, easy to use and VERY easy to clean. Also - it is easy to movce about so you can change your mind daily if you like as to where it should be kept. You can even take it to someone else's house when you go on holiday for them to look after your chooks. Most importantly Omlet will alwyas be on the other end of the phone to offer help and advice - which is very important when buying a new pet.


Good luck :lol:

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I love my (blue eglu) & chickens , as already mentioned it's easy to clean, looks stunning in any of the colours. Easy to move around if necessary. It's fox proof when chooks are in the run or eglu. :D

This forum is fantastic, the support with any problems is super, there is always somebody that seems to be able to help.

I was a bit worried about posting , but have been made to feel very very welcome indeed.

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Eglus are great, because even if you find out chickens aren't for you, you can sell the chickens, pop the egg port door off and grow strawberries in them. Or, paint the cover black and wear it to a Darth Vadar / Star Wars convention. Or remove the door, pop an Apple Computer in there and you have an 'outside computer' (don't try this in wet weather).


But best of all, just stick with the chickens.....

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Excellent grd.


I'd also add though that, if chickens weren't right for you the Eglu comes with a 28 day money back guarantee and command good resale prices on Enay. So easy to clean, minimal maintenance, bright and cheerful, fox-proof, easy to move around the garden and dismantle for trips to chicken sitters or whatever for holidays. Multi-functional if you take any of grd's ideas on board and if all else fails you can get your money back. Bit of a win-win situation I'd say :D


But I have to add to this that I've no experience with wooden chicken coops and there are some very attractive looking ones out there, so I can't be truly balanced in my opinions. I've nothing against wooden coops.... it's just that I love my eglu :D

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