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Extra warmth

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I noticed my cube has a lot of gaps that you can see daylight through, as well as the ventilation bits, Im a bit concerned as winter sets in, particularly if its windy that it will get pretty draughty in their, which I know can be fatal to chooks, do you cover yours with a branket or tarp or anything in the winter to avoid this?

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Hi Catscube


I don't really have an answer to your question but I'm really pleased you asked about this as I've been saying our cube is a bit gappy since it got here beginning Oct. I'm pretty sure Omlet say it's supposed to be warm for the hens in winter but I'd like to know how with all those draughts.


We thought we might get an old piece of carpet/rug or something like that to drap over the top - however, not sure how to secure it. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be most grateful too!




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