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Pom Pom and Lavender

Silkie consistently laying eggs with paper thin shells

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Hi all. One of my silkies, Pom Pom, has been consistently laying eggs with paper thin shells for over a week. Usually she lays every other day and the eggs have always been slightly elongated, but lately shell less and very thin shelled eggs have become much more frequent. I just had two in a row! Two of them have stopped laying for the winter and one is still laying good eggs every other day. Pom is about 2 years old ish maybe younger. 

I’ve looked online quite extensively and there are so many factors so I bought liquid calcium and added that to their water. They always have access to grit and I’ve seen her eating it! They have omlet crumble and some treats a couple times a day and they free range all day too. 

I’ve read on the various health conditions and she seems absolutely fine - eating, pecking around, drinking, normal behaviour! I have seen that this could be to egg drop syndrome or infectious bronchitis, but if so, are the chickens ill with it ?

thanks for your help x

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