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Hit rock

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I managed to drive into a 1 foot square rock with my car, thinking it was a paper bag (until I was right on top of it :shock: ).

I'm sure someone must have put it there as was in the centre of the road in an area with no loose rocks.

Grr, I am very anxious with cars. Still they can look at the loose panel and electric window that's stopped working.

It clunked right under my car, and made noises when driven again.

I need a new tyre and I think wheel, and some small technical bits possibly. The RAC man said I was luckily it just missed an important bit by an inch (the suspension?), and it was drivable to the garage with the spare wheel.


I'm now at home, losing money from my temp job and in my anxious state decided to take it to the "proper" Toyota garage which will probably prove expensive and wipe out my meagre earnings.

:( OH has to establish if I can drive his car into work. Still a bit shakey.

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Sorry to hear this. You must be so :evil:


Not sure there is anything I can say to make it feel any better, but you have my sympathies.


St Neots is near the A1 and we are having alot of problems with youths (?) throwing stones and rocks off bridges and hitting cars. Its too scary to think about.

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I know that shaky feeling - yesterday I was going for chicken feed and a huge lorry coming towards me caught a plastic crate that was in the middle of the road - it flipped up and landed with a thud on my windscreen, dumping a load of muck, then flew off. My wipers started going and I couldn't see a thing but didn't want to brake in case I got shunted up the rear end ( :shock: ). I stopped at the feed place to discover that before the crate hit the windscreen it had s"Ooops, word censored!"ed right up the bonnet :evil::( . I took it to the local repair chap who said he should be able to buff it out, but if I'm not happy with it I might need to put it in to Mercedes for a proper job - I dread to think how much that would cost :( .

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Results of this afternoon

Toyota=no courtesy car (supposed to be covered in my club Toyota but they are all out and he can't guarantee one or even send from another dealership) :?

Insurance company=no courtesy car unless it goes to the one garage of their choice and could be 1-2 days to even get inspected first-and will lose NCB. Edit: not claiming.

RAC=yes to courtesy car in about 2 hours :D


Toyota says over £300 for wheel, tyre, alignment, balance, 2 droplinks for anti roll bars ( :?: ), anti-roll bar brushes ( :?: ), disc work and/or brake discs.

OH thinks I should get another quote as it sounds very high, and the brakework I don't think is anything to do with the rock.

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Hmm, I'd get another 2 quites Choccy. The brakes could've been chucked out of alignment by the bash, but it all depends on what the rock hit really.


What a bummer :(


My old Peugot attracted eejits and i ended up with a practically new car on other peoples' insurance! They claimed that they didn't see it... OK it was small, but it was also bright turquoise with a yellow surfer decal on the side :roll::roll:

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Need a hire car or OH to get back to my car, and I'm not sure how safe it is to drive. If I can get to my car it can definately drive a few metres to the garage on the same road. :wink:

It would have to be today really as I can't take more time off work and only get the car for 48 hours, unless Toyota extends. I'm not sure they'd do that if it wasn't with Toyota... I'm sure it's in their own interest to say it's not drivable as well. :?::?


I could ask about the brakes when I get a call back

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I don't know if I did the right thing or not. I've dropped it off at a smaller garage, but they could only quote for the 3 parts while it was parked, and that cost is similar (£140). They would need to put it on the ramp whilst working on it to find out about anything else that might be wrong. They didn't see how the brakes were affected and will check alignment when the tyre is on to see if anything else has bent.


Does anyone know...?

Is it normal to insist they put it on the ramp to get a quote? :?

I don't know how much to trust the smaller garage. I had my MOT done there.


I've got a 1.4L newish Golf through the RAC through club Toyota :D but have to pay £6 to have it picked up at Friday 3pm (end of 48 hours) from work, and get a lift home.

I may or may not have got a car from Toyota the garage (he couldn't guarantee), but they would want £300 for a long list of parts :?

Am I being stupid, are main dealers better? :?

Toyota may/may not have got the RAC hire car extended if I had it done there.


OH is being no comfort, and said the small garage was cheaper go there.

I don't know if I've done right. :cry:

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I would say that getting it up on a ramp shows that they are being thorough, Chox.


It's when they scratch their heads and suck in air through their teeth that you need to worry.


I'd get three quotes if it was me and see how they all compare....and are they all highlighting the same faults?


Make sure you tell them that you are paying and not the insurer. It may make a significant difference to the figures.

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I can't really afford to look round as I will lose pay or lose my transport for next week if I wait until Saturday.

It's at the small garage. They didn't put it on a ramp, just looked at it on the ground. I'm hoping they won't add lots of things on like Toyota. They have better customer service. Apparently I shouldn't expect a courtesy car at a big dealer like Toyota as it is a "courtesy" to have one at all and they book them out in advance. Despite Club Toyota promising it in my membership.....


I'm enjoying the Golf-I've always wanted one and it has a bigger engine and is so smooth compared with my Yaris.

Feeling so silly about driving into a rock. I've lost at least a whole week's pay on the whole thing including not going in yesterday.

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Hi Choccy - so sorry to hear about your mishap! It really knocks your nerves when something like that happens, not to mention your bank balance!

It's horrid when your earnings all go on your car repairs, reminds me of my student days when all of my temp job earnings from College holidays went on new exhaust etc, coz I drove over something similar to your rock! I was so mad.


The only thing I can suggest, is whilst you are off work, put some stuff on ebay & make a bit of money that way. I make sure I put something on each week. It brings in a bit of cash for any car things sprung upon me, like puncture repairs or new tyres etc. A handy little tip!


Hope you're feeling better about it all soon.



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