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2022 chicken runs

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I like these ones ❤️

My run run was from someone who doesn't make them anymore - can't remember their name - but if I was going to start again these look quite similar to mine apart from the roof.

I think my WIR must be about 10 years old now and made of wood. I just recoat it every few years with fence paint.

It still seems just as strong as it was in the beginning with nothing rotted.

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On 1/6/2022 at 9:56 PM, Luvachicken said:

I'm sorry, but I have no idea what kind of wood it was made from - I guess hardwood as it has lasted well already.

Mine could have been made by Avairies 4 U.

I would ask hubby but he is doing "5 more minutes of work." 

When he's done I'll ask him.

Tell him tomorrow is another day!

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Ok, he's back, and he did make me a cup of tea 😊, he can't remember who made my run either but he did say they no longer exist.

He also said my run is not made of hardwood because it would have been even more expensive than it was.

He said the only reason it has lasted so long is because it has a roof and isn't particularly exposed.

One side and one end are protected by a fence and a shed.

The open end has perspex on it over the worst of the weather and the side that faces the garden gets whatever weather is thrown at it.

My roof does overhang the run by a good few inches which might help.

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I have a Jim Vyse run and love it, it’s well made and was fairly easy to construct. Would definitely recommend :D 

I bought a second for my house (the big one is at my parents) but problems with neighbours means the chickens never moved in (they went to my parents) so will be looking to sell it. It’s 2.4x2.4m


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