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Martin B

Button Quail

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Well here they are.


3 little beauties!


I think I have 1 red breasted cock, 1 silver female and 1 fawn female. Correct me if I am wrong.


Silver Female



Red Breasted Cock and Fawn Hen



Group shot



They are in an indoor rabbit hutch for now, but I am going to get something like Suz's and they will live in the shed. They are in my room tonight as they've never been outside before and tonight is particuarlly nippy but I hope to have them outside soon.


I really like them and I am trying to track down some more birds or some eggs.




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Oh they are so lovely & cute! Could you keep quial in an eglu along with pekin bantams or not? & I know it's a silly question, but do the males make any noise? WOuld be nice to have quail & quail eggs & hatch some next Spring!


Feel really emabarrased now, asking daft questions - but I blame it on the booze I have just consumed to help with the decorating we're doing! Hic!!!



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Hi Emma,


Here is a good website about keeping quail. :wink:




I need to update it.


I keep mine in rabbit hutches outside and that seems to do the job. Other people keep them in aviaries, but they're a bit more expensive.


Ask away if you need to.


I'm sure Lesley, Bronze and I will be able to help you. :)

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Well I had a bit of a nightmare with these. They were so quick. 2 flew away and then when they did the next day the other one was dead! :shock: I am not keeping these again.


I do breed quail and sell the fertile eggs and birds on. This year I am doing Jumbo Quail (meat), Italians and Japanese.




My website will hopefully tell you a bit more, I don't have anything for sale at the moment so surely it can't be advertising? :wink:

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