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Northern Lights Trilogy

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I have just spotted a trailer for ...


The Golden Compass - which is the first in the series of the Northern Lights Trilogy and it looks great! :D


This is a film we will be watching this Christmas! :dance:


But....why oh why do we always have to bow to the American market when it comes to naming films i will never know! :roll::roll::roll:


Is anyone else a fan of these books and if so will you be watching like me? :D

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I'm looking forward to the Golden Compass, it looks good and well made.


The one I'm not looking forward to is The Dark is Rising which is one of my favourite books - I saw a programme about the making of the film and it looks very american - american actor as the lead role. merry olde englande instead of a sleepy Thames village etc etc. I don't think it'll work!



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Yes, I would urge anyone to read them - they are amazing.


In fact I must dig out the first one for a little top up before the movie is released.


I was dead happy when they cast Daniel Craig as Asriel, as he will be perfect, as will Eva Green as Serafina Pekkala

I do think Own Wilson would have made a great Lee Scroresby though :?

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Anyone noticed the name of my Maran coucou? Shows how much I like the books!

I would highly recommend listening to the audio version too. (get it out from the library - not the bbc one, the unabridged one) Phillip Pulman narates and the other parts are read by actors. I listen to audio books constantly and this is one of the really good ones!

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I can read and re read the Northern Lights trilogy - they are so subtly written and I glean new things each time I read them. I also have Lyra's Oxford. Holding my breath about the film though as I hate it when they mess with the storylines.


As a kid I loved the Dark is Rising - in fact I still do and re read the series at half term (the weather was cold and a day in front of the fire with a great book was too good to miss). I was just looking up the Dark is Rising film - now called 'Seeker - the dark is rising' it sounds as if they have completely changed the characters and the plot. I loved the normalness of Wills life, and I think they have lost that - according to the review he now has friendship issues at school and a love interest - AAaaaagh - not sure it will be good cinema at all!! Bring back Susan Cooper!!

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I can read and re read the Northern Lights trilogy - they are so subtly written


Weird that you say that, the second one being called the Subtle Knife.


I love these books and I'll try and get to see it at the cinema, I gave the first one, to my mum to read and she got about 5 pages in, bless her.

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