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I have had many many Omlet products, I think they are super, especially when compared to the other coops I owned previously. I have now added a mk2 cube to my list of products and am delighted with it, albeit smaller compared to the mk1. I currently have my four girls in a cube run, but wondered how the Omlet WIR compares to a more standard run? My biggest concern is the best way to provide shelter to my girls, I use omlet covers on all of my runs before, but wonder if they really provide sufficient cover on a WIR? My other walk ins have a corrugated roof and removable Perspex sides, which keeps the current inhabitants comfy and dry, even in the very worst of weather, would this be true of an Omlet version?

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On 2/20/2022 at 3:17 PM, Luvachicken said:

Be mindful that I had a rat getting into my Omlet run and had to cover it with smaller wire to stop it.

I'm guessing the other Omlet runs are made of the same size wire so may well let rats in.

The wooden walk in run I have has different wire and rats can't get in.

The WIR even has a larger sized mesh on the top part of the run.

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