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Would you like your own eglu page - www.eglu.co.uk

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  • Omlet Staff

Hi guys,


We have just launched http://www.eglu.co.uk . It's a special website designed so that you can have your own personal webspace.


Single Person Blogs

If you would like your own personal website space then email me james@omlet.co.uk and I will set up a site area for you.


Group Blogs

Perhaps the best bit of the site is ability to setup Group Blogging. This allows you to set groups of people who can blog together. This might be used to make egluowner groups. So you could setup London Egluowner blogs and keep everyone upto date on any meetings that you might have. If a group of you would like to start group blogs then let me know. You can add members of the group easily and everyone can write and edit. We have setup a group blog at Omlet HQ so that we can let everyone know what is going on here.


Personalise the site

Although you can't change the layout of the site you can change the top and bottom of the site colours to suit the colour of your eglu.


Finally, I have setup the site based on some well estabilished software called http://nucleuscms.org/ but I have made some modifications - so if you have any problems then please let me know.


Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the new website,




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Splendid. I've been meaning to get a blog started. Can we get RSS feeds in to our bits?


Wassat Penny? Being a silver surfer but with ginger hair - I have come up with all sorts of things that RSS could mean but obviously not the right one!



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  • Omlet Staff

I have created Mel and Paul's blog and you can see it here:




I have sent your passwords via email and you can start to login and blog away. Several people have mentioned that adding photos is tricky. So here is a little description:


0) Login to the administration area - by clicking admin on the left of the page.

1) Start editing an item

2) Click on the image button on the top right of the edit screen.

3) Click upload image. The best size is 480 pixels wide.

4) Once uploaded the image should then appear in the image list - simply click the image filename and it will be put in your blog.


If you get lost at any stage of this then email me james@omlet.co.uk - I am very happy to help,

Have fun,



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James, what were those links that grd was going on about? Please enlighten me!


Also, I have added some sections and a bit of text for now - is there a way to have say a paragraph and a photo at the top of each section, which won't get deleted and is like an introduction?


PS I love the blog, just wish I had time at home to do it right now.

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Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a data feed export from a blog, or indeed any web site that supports RSS. The idea is that you have an RSS 'reader' application through which you can subscribe to a number of RSS feeds. What this basically means is that people can pull information from your blog, without necessarily visiting the page. Someone could subscribe to, say, 5 blogs, BBC news, CNN etc and the RSS reader would pull all the information from the various feeds so you can view it all in one place; your RSS reader. What usually happens is that summary information is available from the feed and the user then visits the site for more in-depth information.

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