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Recycling corks?

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This is probably a stupid question :oops: but do I put corks in the recycle bin with the newspapers, boxes etc.?


I put corks in the compost, they are just bits of a tree aren't they? Not that I get corks anymore all the wine seems to come in screw tops these days

:roll: I wonder what to do with the ends of candles, wax being a natural

product, or is it?





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only ever seem to get screw tops or plastic corks these days :roll:


I really hate those plastic corks they use now... :roll: I don't mind the screw top bottles [means you can.get at the plonk faster :lol: ] but the awful plastic bungs ...Yuckkk...Not terribly green either.

I had never thought of composting my corks before...will give it a go now.

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A friend once made me a cork pinboard - I had it for years but eventually some of the corks started to crumble and I had to throw it away.


She just got a piece of board and stuck the corks on it whole, in a symmetrical pattern of course. No frame or anything. It really was lovely - and if I remember rightly she begged the corks from the owner of a French restaurant that used to be at the bottom of Muswell Hill (long gone). I think she made quite a few and was not much of a drinker....

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