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How weird

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I've just popped into the Omlet online shop and typed in, "reconditioned eglu" into the search bar. I'm now looking through the items, just out of interest and you can buy on there loads of weird stuff. Some of it is drinkers and things, but I managed to find a brown rabbit eglu on there without a run.


I was wondering if all that stuff should be there.... :shock::roll::?:

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I told them weeks ago that these things appear when you search for recon eglu - the girl on the phone asked me to talk her through how I'd found them as she couldn't. She said she would get them removed but they're still there......or maybe they're reintroducing yellow and brown :pray::lol:

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There was a discussion about this on the forum a couple of summers go, and I remember a general consensus being reached that yellow attracts more flies - Mel remarked that her elegant hi-viz jacket that she needs for work is often covered in the blighters!


I'm not sure whether or not that was the reason for Omlet dropping the colour... next time I speak to Johannes, I will try to remember to ask him.


I loved the yellow ones too.

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My orange eglu lid is somewhat scratched and has some stains that won't come out - even with pressure washing.


I reckon that they ought to have a recycling deal - you can 'recycle' your eglu lid for a new one at a slightly reduced price. I wonder whether they are actually able to be recycled.... perhaps not, because I think that the coloured plastic starts life as a powder.

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I've emailed James about this - as this is the 2nd or 3rd time that we've had a thread on the same subject.


Edit, just had this reply from James:

Hi Clare,


Thanks for letting me know about this. We have lots of old products in our product database which you can make appear on the website if you enter the correct product id. I am just changing the code to stop this happening.


Thanks for your help,



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