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NO food!!!!!

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I got the layers mash with bran from wigglywigglers, the girls love it and we are now getting 2 to 3 eggs every day instead of 1 or 2. Also get mealworms from them. Don't know how their prices compare with other places but as its free delivery that saves time and petrol.

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I keep a small holding and one of my little darlings went missing!


We thought she had been foxed, but about a couple of months later she came back with a load of baby chicks!!


She had obviously been secretly wandering off over time to lay her eggs in a nest somewhere and then eventually stayed their to hatch them and care for them.


She obviously wanted somewhere private and safe for the chicks to hatch away from the flock!!


During that time she must have just been eating what she could find when free ranging near her nest (grit, worms, slugs, insects etc.) as she didn't return to the flock and we don't leave any food around.


But now she is back safely with the rest of the flock with her fast growing chicks!!

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