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Advice needed on 'Lily the beak'

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As some will know I got 4 new hens last weekend,to go in with my 4 exsisting hens.

I had planned to intergrate them slowley,but they took matters into their own hands (wings?) & have been together now for a week.


The problem lies with my Whitestar Lily,who was at the bottom of the pecking order of my old hens.


The other 3 are getting on fine with the new girls,apart from the very occasional beaking if one gets too cheeky.

Lily however is being a menace.

She is literally herding them into a corner,away from her old flock. If one breaks rakns he jumps on its back,pecking at the back of the head.

In fact she seems furious at them & is launching herself at any new hen for no reason,even legging it right across the pen if she feels the need to attack.


I put a bumper bit on her yesterday,but its not on her this morning,& I am not sure I can find it (we have a darkish wood chip flooring)


So,what should I do?

I can put her in a broody cage to see if that hepls,although I am reluctant to do this.

I could also seperate her from the rest of them - what do you think?


The odd thing is that she has got worse over the days,barley bothering them at first,but now never laying off the poor scared new hens.

The fact that she is in mid moult & looks as vile as she is acting hasn't helped either :roll:

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Sarah, as the new girls all get on well with the old girls,(apart from Lily) could you try putting Lily in with the new girls at night??


When we got Winifred, Prudence and Elsbeth, all was well but then Elsbeth started picking on the old girls!!


Now she sleeps with Laverne and Shirley and I haven't seen any bullying since!


Worth a try?


Hope it is sorted soon!

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I would do as others have suggested and separate her from the rest for a few hours each day.

I have also been known to stand in the run/garden with them all and each time the 'bully' has gone up to one of the new girls she's had a quick skite with the side of my croc (just pushed to the side, not volleyed down the garden :lol: ).

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Thanks all.


For the last 3 nights all 8 hens (yes,8!) have squashed up in one Eglu together, leaving the new Eglu empty :roll:

This has been by their choice,so I decided to leave them to it.


I have now seperated Lily by way of an open fence between the 2 Eglus, so she can still see them all, but can't get at them.


She is furious :roll::lol:


I have tried the squirting with water thing too & it hasn't helped.She truly is a chicken on a mission, & was literally spending all her time trying to seperate the new girls from the old & get at them.


I have just been to visit them & the 7 in the big half of the pen are very happy.Lily is patrolling up & down the fence looking menacing :roll:

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I wonder if the moult is partly to blame? :? My two oldest are moulting and are horrible at the moment - just like menopausal old women! :roll:


That is interesting...Kentucky and Paxo are moulting spectacularly at the mo. Neither a wearing knickers, and they leave a trail of black feathers in their wake.


Anyroad up....both are very awkward about going back into the run and have to get the landing net treatment each evening.


I wonder if they will become docile again when the moult stops?

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