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Hello everyone 

I was thinking of getting a walk in run the omlet wir seems extraordinarily expensive  I have seen gardern life direct ones are good and has anyone had any specially made for them if si hoe much was it? 

Many thanks 


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No, but my thoughts on the Omlet WIR (I have a lo-rise which is now 4m x 2m)…

Pro’s - base doesn’t have to be completely flat and level; once you know how to do it it’s reasonably easy to take apart and move; it’s easy to extend; if placed on a solid base it is fox proof; no maintenance required.

Con’s - expensive; not rodent / small bird proof unless lined with finer gauge mesh; does rust over time (I’ve had mine 7 years and there are some rusty bits despite it being mostly covered by tarpaulin); difficult to make it look neat and tidy especially if you have it covered with tarps.

If I was starting again I think I would get a custom made run from Jim Vyse Arks even though a wooden frame would require more maintenance.

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The flexibility in being able to assemble Omlet's WIR is priceless.  It's nice and tall.  It has a tonne of accessories.

BUT the clips holding it all together are plastic and already stretch when closed, so I suspect long term they will break.  The mesh panels are nicely spaced in the lower half, but the upper half are larger and small birds come in and utterly trash everything - they tell their friends who in turn tell their friends, I think I have a few neighbourhood's worth of small birds invading my coop now.  Working through a number of solutions as it is turning into a real nightmare for me cleaning up their *****, I'm now at a point where the daily mess is equivalent to once was their weekly mess 😫

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