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A right eventful week!

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Last night consisted of standing on my feet for 6 hours & taking out over 100 hair braids of my mums!!! :roll:

Today I won £20 in a raffle.

Tomorrow night I have my Xmas meal with the Slimming World Ladies.

Thursday night I am going a pampered chef party

Friday - I am picking up my new car!!!!! Woohooooooooo It was to the garage today & was having its spoiler fitted! 8)

Saturday - run out somewhere???? in the new car

Sunday - coach trip to York Xmas Market! Leaving at 7.30am!!!! :shock:


Anyone more eventful than me this week????



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not quite as exhausting as that - work, been on a conference all day today, work tomorrow followed by choir rehearsal, work on Thursday ... AND THEN I'VE GOT FOUR DAYS OFF!


Driving up to Leicester on Thursday evening to best friend's house, on Friday we are getting a minibus to the Good Food Show at the NEC, Saturday I will chill out with her and catch up (we don't see each other often enough), Saturday night we are going to see the Oyster Band. :clap:


Sunday I drive home, another choir rehearsal ... and then on Monday I'm going to Bluewater for the day with two other close friends to finish my Christmas shopping. We spent 8 hours there last year :shock: but that does include breakfast, lunch and at least one coffee-stop!


I can't wait. Just two more days :lol:

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I set off for shopping on Monday then got a call to go and pick up wee Anna from school, spent the rest of the day administering Calpol and cuddles.


Tuesday at home all day with 2 sick daughters and later in the day OH too!


Today, another day in the sick bay......when am I going to succumb to all these germs? :?

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Abi's week is quite full next week. Christmas Concert Monday, choir practice Tuesday, Christmas Concert Wednesday, Young Voices Concert at the NIA with 3000 other children Thursday. She won't be home on Thursday until 10.30pm so whether or not she goes to school on Friday remains to be seen. I'd be exhausted after all this and she's only 8 years old :roll:

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My week seems to have been spent trying to buy my daughter pretty party shoes for a family wedding, because my mother in law wanted to buy her some. Problem is she has really awkward shaped feet and none of the "sensible" shoe shops had any shoes which fit. Ended up buying her some siver ones from the adult section on M&S after I think she tried on 6 million pairs of shoes and was upset when I wouldn't let her have leopard skin slip ons!

Got home and OH phoned his mum, who, to cut a long story short is now not paying for them - aaaaagggggh!

We seem to have spent a fortune on this wedding - hope its fun (this weekend) at least I will get to see OH , my brother in laws and father in law in kilts :lol: My son refuses to wear one and I'm not going to make him - managed to get some tartan trousers in the end.


Wish me luck ........................................

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Hiya - I'm getting a black peugeot 107 - I'm soooo excited & it's got a good registration number, makes me laugh!!!

The pampered chef thing is at the cricket club tomorrow & I think it's to raise funds for Sandbach Football club. I know it's £5 to go. But I want a mini tart tin & former & some stoneware!!!! Wonder what the lady will make us?



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