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What should i do?.... went to put chooks away and one is missing! been round garden, bushes and neighbours gardens, no sign of anything, no feathers nothing. Mavis seems fine and not upset?? Should i leave the run open incase she has gone walkabouts or is that putting Mavis in danger? :roll::roll::cry:

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No,I wouldn't leave the run open. Mavis will be roosting somewhere by now.


This happens from time to time & I must say that 9 times out of 10 the errant hen is found safe & well the next day :P

She will be up a tree or something,I am sure.


Fingers crossed for a happy outcome :D

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One of mine used to break out quite regularly.


Do you have a local shop that you can post a picture in tomorrow?


She may just wander back in the morning when she's hungry.....we found sporty spice roosting in my son's shed one morning after a night out on the tiles! She just wandered back as if nothing had happened.

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