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Martin B

Spring Surprise

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African Pygmy Hedgehogs are not the type you see in this country in the wild, they are exotic pets and are no different to a rabbit being sold.


Just a note about hedgehog fleas, they are host specific, which means they can not survive anywhere but on the hedgehog, any that 'escape' will die almost instantly.


I'm copying this straigt from my blog:


A couple of days ago I published my allotment plans for 2008. Well you may have noticed that I had included some new ways to encourage wildlife to the allotment in my quest to form the a strictly organic and sustainable food source. If I am going to cut out the use of chemicals then there is surely no better way to get rid of pests than to encourage animals which eat the pests onto the allotment.


Yesterday night I travelled to Beckford near Tewkesbury to collect 2 young hedgehogs. Vale Wildlife Rescue has recieved in excess of 100 hedgehogs to its centre in the last week, this is down to the inconsistent weather we have been experiencing in this country. The last few months have been relatively mild considering that it is winter. Therefore the little hedgehogs have been fooled into a having a third litter of the year, the little babies are too young to survive winter so therefore they need "over-wintering" the centre alone can not care for the number of hedgehogs so it has appealed to anybody who could "overwinter" a pair of hedgehogs to come forward. It is on the strict understanding that the hedgehogs are returned to the wild, so in my case they will be released onto the alloyment.


Tiggy and Winkle will be living indoors until March when it should be warm enough and they should be heavier enough to survive. I will provide a hedgehog house and food for them, so hopefully they will stick near to my allotment and if not then hopefully more will be attracted to it.


The hedgehogs enjoy eating dog food.


The costs of keeping the hedgehogs are going to be quite expensive, so any donations of hay, shredded paper, dog food or newspapers are greatly appreciated. The hedgehogs and Chicks need cleaning out every day so the more stuff the better!


If you want to see the picture then you will have to go onto my blog (link at bottom) :wink::lol:

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Martin, just been having a quick read of your blog. I am so impressed with all your activites; the battery hen resues, your allotment plans, your hedgehog adoption, your baking skills etc etc Are there no end to your talents!? :D


You write so eloquently for someone of your age and it's a very interesing read. You'll enjoy reading it back when you get to my age! ;)


You should be very proud of yourself!

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I saw the hedgehog centres on the Midlands News Martin - and I thought of you..... how strange! I'm glad you are looking after some, you should have said - you could have rescued a couple for us as well.


So........ what will you be bringing to the next Farmers' Market to carry home all the newspapers? :wink:

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Martin in the middle ages people used to wrap hedgehogs in mud and roast them whole in a fire and then eat them :shock: (the prickles stuck to the mud when you 'peeled them :lol: )


It isn't considered best practice now though :vom:


They did that last century too. My Mum's Dad was fed hedgehog by some gypsies, (Yes, proper ones, with those lovely round caravans and horses!)

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