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Afternoon layers

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Hi all


This may be an old topic that has been discussed to death, but I couldn't find any mention of it by searching. So I thought I'd ask...


Does anybody else have a chicken (or chickens) that normally lay in the afternoon? Our Skyline, Cinderella, almost always lays after midday. At first I thought she was waiting until she'd had a good free range, perhaps fearing that she might be put back in the run at any moment! But on the recent inclement days when she's been pretty much confined to the run all day she's still saved her laying until the afternoon.


Speaking of inclement weather - I can't get over how my girls will stand there in the rain, getting soaking wet, while the dry of the eglu is just a metre away!


Would be interested to hear any thoughts :-)




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No afternoon layer here but one who lays in the middle of the night! It doesn't matter how early I go and look, there is an egg there. She sleeps in the nesting box and if she can't get in there to sleep lays her egg on the bars!

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