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Help what do I do with it?!?!

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well at Jimmys farm I decided to buy more adventurous food that I wouldnt normally buy. I some how managed to spend nearly £100 in their (and smached a bottle o cordial all over the floor :oops: )


However I have come back with a number of things I dont know how to cook!!!!


Tonight I want to do the Wild Pheasent I bought, with some red cababge with apple, maybe some of the caramalised onions I bought on the side, with roast potatoes.


Thing is I dont know the best way to cook pheasent (or anyway that matter) so suggestions would be much appreciated. Can I stick it in my slow cooker? or just roast it, in which case what temp and how long for?



The next question is I bought a gammon joint. I was going to chop a couple of steaks off it and have them with Missys eggs fried ontop and cauliflour cheese. Then roast the reast in some nice way (suggestions wanted) and then use the left over bits to make a carbonara?


So ideas for cooking my phesent and gammon joint please!

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Okay the pheasent is sorted anyway. I have consulted good old HFW, and have stuck it in the slow cooker, with a load of butter and an orange and shallot marinade I also bought from Jimmys.


Will let you know how it tastes!


Oh and Im still looking for ideas for the gammon, is it right I have to submerge it in water for 24 hours before cooking?

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Ah dont have his meat book. I got the phesent idea from his river cottage book, said it was better to not use wine as it dries it out and cook it with a lot of fat, hence the loads of butter as I dont have any bacon. Also I didnt realise the way to cook it depends on the age of the bird as I have no idea on this, as older birds need to be slow cooked or they are tough, so I thought I would slow cook to be on the safe side.

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You need to ideally soak the gammon overnight then discard the water.

Then put it in a large pan with fresh cold water, 2 carrots,1 onion,2 celery sticks,10 black peppercorns, 2-3 bay leaves and fresh thyme sprigs then bring to the boils and simmer very gently (this is important to get succulent meat) for the required time for it's weight.


When it has finished simmering take it out of the water and let it cool slightly then take just the top tough rind off leaving the fat underneath. Gently score that in a diamond pattern, stud with cloves is wanted we don't tend to then spread a glaze made from 250g of soft brown sugar or we use demerera and a generous tablespoon of english mustard (the jar one not the powder) and roast until golden and bubbling.


At the roasting stage I would recommend lining the tray with foil or using a non stick washable liner of some kind because the glaze with burn on the tray.


Hope this helps.

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The weather was vile, wasn't it? Such a shame too - you should come to one of the summer ones - the weather this year was superb.


:shock: - and I thought you were at the Dorset Do, Clare! :lol: - the weather was sooooooooooooo superb :wink:


Is superb the new description for torrential rain then? :lol:

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Well yes I took a photo of my dinner. I was so chuffed with how it came out, went down a storm and I think will now have to become my signiture dish, as its so the nicest dinner I have ever eaten. It was so tender when I went to cut the breat and leg off that it just fell in half leaving me with the carcas to pop stright into the bin.



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