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Karen & co.

Just typical!!

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Why oh why didn't I just bite the bullet and pay the £170 pounds for the dogs insurance :?


He's only a mongrel and I thought I could get a better price, OH offered to do it and we both left it 'till tomorrow :roll:


Today he goes out at lunch time and gets a cut to his back leg, so OH took him to the vet, an anaesthetic and a couple of stitches later, I'm waiting to go and collect him :(


The kitchen looks like a bomb site where the contents of the first aid kit where spread out to find a bandage suitable for a dog :?


Why didn't we just pay the premium? :roll:


karen x

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Hindsight eh?! Poor you :(


I know people that, rather than take out an insurance policy (e.g. for dental treatment) put a set amount of money aside each month and let it accumulate. If they need treatment there is a lump sum there waiting to be used and if they don't need treatment they haven't paid money to the insurance company and it is still in their account.......obviously this is only any good if they know they don't have any major complaints so are unlikely to need to shell out for major work :lol:

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That's how I see it Olly. I had pet insurance until the dog died - I really couldn't afford the monthly premiums and had never needed to claim.


I do lots of home pet first aid though - I don't recomend that you do this at home! I once steri-stripped the dog's leg when she ran into some barbed wire. by the time we eventually got to the vet, it was healing and he was dead impressed. I also wash out eyes, squeeze infected tic bites and trim their nails.

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I'm a firm believer in animals having a natural ability to heal themselves - provided the cat is eating, drinking and looking reasonably happy I don't interfere much. You always know if they are really unwell. I'm gradually learning to apply this principle to chickens as well!


Not sure I could do the tick bites though ... :vom:

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My old lurcher was always getting tick bites and she lived to a ripe old age. If I didn't get them out soon enough, they could fester, especially as she loved to roll in fox poo and other disgusting stuff :shock:


She was always good and sat very still while I did it. Most animal wounds benefit form a wash out in warm salt water or a dab of wound powder, then leave well alone.

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We have always insured our dogs as when they near the end of their lives they often need drugs and investigations that cost a fortune. Living on the outskirts of London, vets bill tend to be higher too.

My last dog to die was a lab/collie X, Cindy who had cancer in her last year of life. She was the most wonderful dog and was constantly by my side. Her vets bills in the last year of her live probably added up to 5 years worth of insurance. And about 4 years ago the cruciate ligament went in her knee and she couldn't walk, so had emergency surgery to put plates, nuts and bolts in its place. This cost thousands of pounds and the insurance company paid up without a word. We had to pay the excess but this was a small sum in comparison to the bill.

Gemma has arthritis and is on anti-inflamatories and glucosamine which are mostly paid for by insurance.

Joey is insured by More Than pet insurance, which is cheaper than PPP, Gemma's insurance company! She is also age weighted now - she has just turned 11 which is quite old for a GS.

The best thing to do is shop around on the internet, there are some very good deals now.

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