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yes, we go every year with two friends, and have done since I was 18 (24 years of pantomiming this year) When the kids were small we used to go to two pantos (or sometimes the same one twice), once with the kids, once with our friends.


tried taking MIL and FIL one year, but it didn't work very well. FIL got into the spirit a bit, but MIL kept telling him off when he joined in. And she tutted every time I hissed/boooed etc. Didn't offer to take them again!


This year we're going to see Cinderella at High Wycombe.



Have a lovely time tonight.

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Aladdin at the Birmingham Hippodrome (Captain Jack and Daleks :roll: ) and the Grumbleweeds. The children don't know so we have told them we are going to the German Market in Brum


I haven't been to a panto since I was a little girl so I can't wait :D


Our local one has got Dirty Den, The Krankies :shock: and the girl who played Tracy Beaker


The one in Rugby has got David Essex 8)

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The one in Rugby has got David Essex 8)


Shall we go debs?


I wonder if it's the done thing to throw ones underwear on stage at pantos?


We could start a new trend Clare :wink:


His was the first album I got with a little red record player and Merry Christmas Everybody by Slade


He doesn't quite look the same now though, mind you neither do I :lol:

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....Is anyone else planning a to go to a Panto. ?


:lol: Yes! Daughter (12) is dancing alternate days in Cinderella in St.Albans.

Star of the show? Basil Brush! Boom, boom! :lol:

We always go to Panto, but usually at Watford, as it was a tradition with MIL. But I think we will prob. continue the tradition even without children to take now they are nearly all big.

But this year we will be going to see Esther of course, she's done 5 performances already & it's until Jan.6th so pretty exhausting but fun.


Last year she had a great part acting in Snow White, but this year they only required the dancing which is more usual.


Hope you enjoy yours Chickenlass, and anyone else going. We love Panto & theatre in general, as do daughters. However DS2 hates it & never goes to any play, having been dragged to Panto until he was 13. So, don't let Panto be your only intoduction to theatre, it can put you off, but if it's well done it's great fun. :D

...but very stressful for Mums doing hair & chaperoning children backstage! :lol:

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Oooo, could you be related?

I don't think so. :( I'm all Kent and Surrey it seems! and a bit Scottish, a bit French and possibly a bit South African No Essex girl about me though! :D:lol:

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