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I want to make my own stuffing for Christmas Dinner this year. It's the last thing on the table made out of a packet (organic of course!) but I want to do my own.


So far I have only found recipes with sausagemeat in them. As I might want some myself, I would prefer something vegetarian. Does anyone have something gorgeous I could make?

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I use a basic Sage and Onion mix and then add chestnuts and apricots.


I don't have the quantities........... :?


A very finely chopped onion

Softened butter

Chopped sage leaves


1 small egg


Mix well together and then add pieces of cooked chestnuts and sliced dried apricots.


I make it into balls and place on a baking sheet or into a muffin pan and bake until golden and crisp. I also used it for stuffing the boned chicken I did last week.

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Oh yes! Cranberry sauce in mine for Christmas. :D Stuffing too, that sounds nice - this'll be the third year I've made your nut roast for Christmas! :shock::D It goes down really well and everyone wants some (as well as their turkey!) DD2 loves it especially. :D

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