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Chickens bringing people together

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Okay so were always hearing of how people are falling out with their neighbours over keeping chickens, but how about the other way round?


We moved here exactly a year ago, and our neighbours are lovely. during the summer we would catch each other out in the garden, but in the winter we wouldnt if it wasnt for the chickens, they regularly ask for updates on them and ask after them.


The other day Dot decided to fly over the fence and into their garden :oops: So I popped over armed with sultanas to retrieve her. The guy opened the door and led me through to the garden and I quickly poped her back over the fence. we stod chatting and he said 'you may have noticed Judy hasnt been around as of late' and it turns out she has been in hospital for the last 2 weeks as she has bowel cancer. I would never have known if it hadent of been for Dot flying over their. Im now keeping Missys eggs aside so I can pop a box of them over along with a christmas card and flowers for her.

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That's lovely to hear... it goes to show people don't have to fall out over everything, if everyone tries to be kind and friendly...

We have a similar thing with our neighbours, but more thanks to their dog than to our chickens... the dog used to climb on top of their fence then get into our garden, but be unable to get out... so I often had to go and fetch her and bring her around the front back to her house. Many of our talks with the neighbours have been about the dog... and now that the dog seems better contained, their little boy regularly 'loses' his football over the wall... I have a feeling that he loses it more often when he is bored and fancies looking around the garden with my daugthers for his ball... he is a sweet and polite boy...

I think our neighbours were originally nervous of the dog invading our garden so much, I suppose that's the kind of things that could cause serious issues if the dog was aggressive, or any of my family were particularly scared of dogs, or if the dog did damage, but we always liked going out to give her a cuddle and bring her back to her home... the neighbours kept apologising profusely at first, but as the dog was no trouble I don't think there was any reason for us to fuss or complain...

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Just think of all the lovely friends we have here on the forum :D I have met so many fab people from here.


I was going to say that! This forum is absolute proof that chickens bring people together. :D:D:D

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Last night I popped next door with 4 eggs for my neighbours.... they had plenty of eggs so I popped to their neighbour.... who wasn't in. I carried on down to the next neighbour, a lady who was widowed a couple of years ago. I know her to say hello to & we talk about gardening if I see her mowing the grass. I knocked on her door & she invited me in, which I had to decline as it was 5pm & the boys were home alone. I told her I had some hens & that I had a glut of eggs & would she like them?

She was delighted with them, & got excited when i said they were less than a week old "fresh laid eggs!"


It just put into perspective for me how things are for other people, there I was at home busy with my two boys, & she was on her own & wanting company....

I've ordered some egg boxes from Omlet (should come tomorrow) & will give eggs to my neighbours this year as well as Christmas cards.

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my neighbour comes and lets the girls out in the garden when I am at work (very small and she is a few gardens down the row) she spoils them rotten with treats and goodies and pops out to put them to bed at night. She looks really gruff, but is a real gem - had even put out my wheelie bin when I got home from work today.

Good neighbours are fantastic - the ones at my old house were awful (I had started to think it was me being unreasonable, but after a year with wonderful neighbours I now know it wasn't).

It's amazing what kind words and a few eggs can do!!

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