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Strange and worrying egg laid

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Hi, I just went in to clean my chucks and noticed an odd egg and a large red blob. I have checked all chickens over and can't see any problems at the back ends of any of them. They all appear fine and are running around the back garden as usual. I don't know which one laid it. They are around 2-3 years old and egg production has naturally dropped a little with age. Has anyone seen anything similar?

2022-08-28 13.07.04.jpg

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On 8/31/2022 at 5:36 PM, soapdragon said:

If they are all running around happily and behaving normally then I wouldn't stress about it. Probably a one off but, if it happens again maybe send a photo through to the vet to double check? Otherwise just keeping an eggstra special eye on your flock is all that you can do.

Thank you. Yes they all seem their usual selfs and so far no more wierd eggs.

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