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Christmas dinner question....

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...should probably be in the all things nice section but just a quickie, how far in advance can you get the veggies ready without them going yukky? Ony the kids are still in bed, dog's walked, chooks are out, washing up from last nights party is done, coffee is on, I have a spare few minutes but don't want them going brown or horrible! :lol: (I'm in danger of being organised!!) Mind you, haven't got a present wrapped yet! :shock:


Mrs Festive Bertie

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James Martin told me (and the rest of the world watching!!) that you can cook all the vegetables in advance and then plunge them straight into cold water. Just before the meal drop them into a pan of boiling water for a few minutes and they will be fine. I've done it and it really works. :D:D


If you run out of things to do, do drop round Mrs B - you'd be very welcome and I have plenty for you to do! :lol::lol:

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I've just iced my cake! :lol: Still got to make bread sauce, onion sauce, stuffing, nut roast, fruit salad, yule log and prepare all the vegetables.


I haven't wrapped a single present. :shock:


I have to go out at 2:30pm and I suspect my father might call in this morning - he usually does :roll::roll:


I shouldn't be on here :roll::lol: I just don't have the time :roll: You would think it would all be easy with 3 daughters in the house (18, 15 and 12), but no! :roll::lol:

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I'm with you Ginette! OH is going out (buying my present! :shock: ) shortly and I have persuaded him to take at least one of the children with him. I've got all the veg to do, stuffing I'll do in the morning, getting him to pick up the turkey from the in-laws plus the MP3's for the girls (had to get SIL to load them up - I haven't got a clue! :oops: ) have just iced the second cake, alcohol free pudding type thing for mother is steaming away, kitchen is foggin up, finished the last 8 of 32 letters to children from santa at 0300 last night and delivered them on the dog walk at 6.45 this morning! Do you think it's OK to start on the wine yet?! :wink::lol: Feels like I've been up hours already. Oh! I have!! :lol::lol:


Mrs Bertie - Luvvin' every minute of it!!

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My dinner has to magically be ready soon after 1pm, even though we will have all been out from 9:30am till 12:15pm. :shock::shock: That's why I have to do it all today (and I'm out from 2:30 to 6pm today as well)! :roll::roll:

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I've just iced my cake! :lol: Still got to make bread sauce, onion sauce, stuffing, nut roast, fruit salad, yule log and prepare all the vegetables


Can you make bread sauce in advance then? I've just been looking up recipes and they all say make just before serving. I love proper bread sauce, if I can make some today it'll save a lttile bit more work. :lol::lol::lol:

Mrs Bertie

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Well, I always make mine on Christmas Eve. I just don't have time tomorrow. Mine is always thick and served with a spoon :lol: If it's meant to be runnier than that, maybe you need to make it on the day. "Ooops, word censored!"ody complains about mine and it all goes! I love it!


My father has just been here for 2 hours :roll: so no time to cook anything now! I'm not sure I will get to bed at all this year!!!

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p.s. This is the recipe I use:


Bread Sauce

75g white breadcrumbs

425ml milk

1 medium onion

1 bayleaf

15 whole cloves

6 black peppercorns

50g butter

2 tbsps double cream

salt and pepper


Cut the onion in half and stick the cloves in it.

Place the onion, bayleaf and peppercorns in a saucepan with the milk and leave in a warm place to infuse.

Over a very low heat, bring the milk slowly to the boil (15 minutes)

Remove the onion, peppercorns and bayleaf.

Stir the breadcrumbs into the milk and add 25g butter and some salt.

Leave on a low heat until the crumbs have swollen and thickened the sauce.

Replace the clove-studded onion and leave in a warm place until needed.

Remove the onion and spices before serving and beat in the remaining butter and the cream.

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It's now 10:10pm and I have done nearly all the veg (not the PSB yet). I have made a Nut Roast, onion sauce, bread sauce and stuffing. Just starting on the Yule Log. Then I have to do a fresh fruit salad (I hate doing that, but it's quite nice at the end of the meal and my Mother is diabetic so has to be a bit careful).


OH has wrapped all the presents - I have to keep checking what he's wrapped though as he's giving all the wrong things to the wrong people!! :roll::lol::lol:


He seems to have forgotten about the turkey, which he does EVERY Christmas Eve before going to Midnight Mass. In my female way, I am diligently NOT reminding him :roll: The sausages and stuffing are on the working top!


Oh dear! The tension . . . I just need to go to bed!


Have a great day tomorrow everyone! :D:D:D

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He didn't forget (or didn't admit to it) but time ran out and he had to go to church - so I did it myself. I even used the special string! :lol::lol:


Lesley and Carl - the turkey was absolutely delicious and approved of by all. Thank you very, very much. :D:D


I hope you had a good day.

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