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Up all night worrying

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And I thought that keeping chickens was relaxing!


Yesterday we saw one of our lovely brahmas mounting one of our hybrids. This gave rise to a lot of family teasing, me posting photos of the 'girls' on here and river cottage forum and reading everything that I could find on brahmas.The feathering looks male but the faces look female.


I have since been up nearly all night worrying. The one time I did fall asleep, I dreamt of our brahmas being four foot high, even more golden than they are already and crowing their little hearts out all over the neighbourhood. I got up at that point.


I will call the breeder today. Trouble is that she is so far away (in Leicester). I am also going to call Suffolk Rare Breeds as they have brahmas too. The lady there is very friendly. She may help. I didn't feel able to call anybody yesterday with it being Boxing Day.


I really do hope that they are girls ut I think that I have a huge case of denial going on at the moment.


Fingers crossed for a happy ending. Hopefully my spice girls aren't spice boys!



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What a shame Janty, you're obviously very attached to them :( . I'm afraid, looking at the pics in you're other thread, I think they are boys too - not just the saddle and hackle feathers, but their stance, colouring etc. too. Spurs are nothing to go by at the moment, they often don't develop until the cock is much more mature.. I admit, the head gear is confusing - my Buff Orp was the same - started developing boy feathers at 22 weeks but still had quite a 'girly' head when he crowed at 28 weeks.

Hope you manage to sort something out with a breeder.

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