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Essex ex-batts rescue - 28th December

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Yesterday, hubby drove me down to Essex to collect 3 ex-batt (came home with 5 but hey-ho).


Most of our girls have a good set of feathers but I couldn't resistpoor Bauble who looked so pityful.




Thanks to all the co-ordinators who have enabled us to share our garden with these 5 lovely hens.


Did anybody else on the forum get any girls from the rescue?

It would be lovely to see pictures if you did.

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Good on you for taking an extra 2 Janty :D:D

I didn't see anyone else taking photos yesterday, but I'd love to be proved wrong............as long as the photos don't include pics of me :wink:

But did you spot the film crew? Our wonderful Sophie (who occasionally visits the forum :D ) was being filmed for some educational internet site, all about young people who are trying to make a difference to the environment. Carys also got involved and they were both filmed and interviewed along with a couple of the adopters, particularly a guy who adopted 70 for his environmental farm park :D:D

I'm hoping that Jean or Sophie will let us know more about it when it is released on t'internet because I for one will most definitely be logging on to check it out :D:D

Sophie........if I got any of that wrong (which is entirely possible :oops: ) please do stick on a posting to correct me :D:D Or Phil............do you know any more than me?

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I am glad that we took Bauble home. My son has shown her to the neighbours and his friends and explained that every time they eat a battery egg they are 'responsible' for hurting chickens like Bauble. Even grumpy old Father-in-Law bought free range eggs today apparently, despite the extra cost. Bauble is a good advert for free range.

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I note you said "many more" Liz :lol::lol:


We're looking forward to having some in the Spring.


Well I'm not allowed anymore! Though Dad said that when we had three, but then circumstances changed and Henrietta died, so we ended up with four.


I take it you have space left in your eglus then Lesley!!!

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Oh yes!! We have a protection pen, large run and two Eglus spare, ready for them. The turkeys have been in there and tomorrow/today? the 11 remaining 'Dinners' will move in as there is still grass in the run. Once they are all gone, it will be cleaned out and made ready for them :D

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