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Reliving the 1980's

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Since I said I would do it so here we go. I have to confess that yes I was the complete 80's child with big hair like concrete as it had so much spray on (never use it now) the dodgy clothes one lot of which consisted of orange and black stripey leg warmers with an orange top and bright yellow sweater. I was into Fame on the TV and the leg warmers were the business. I had white stilletoes made from a sort of wrinkly plastic stuff - what a mess I looked :oops::oops::lol::lol:


As for music I was the biggest Wham fan ever I never forgave George Michael for splitting the group up and have never been into his solo stuff. I also liked things like Howard Jones and lots more which I am sure will come back to me eventually :lol::lol::lol:


Now for all you fellow 30 somethings lets here those confessions. Lesley I'll bet you never did to your son in the 80's what my mum did to me it involved the stripey leg warmers I will tell all later :shock::shock::shock:

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I was in my final school years in the early 80s and yes, I had legwarmers too - burgundy! We were all into Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Visage etc and had clothes to match :oops::oops::oops: ! The white stilletoes ring a bell, Louise - mine were white fake aligator! I never had hairspray so even though I wanted big hair, it was always flat and limp!


We all did the Lady Di look at school - flicked hair bleached with "Sun-In" to a carroty orange, flouncy shirts with big collars, pearly necklaces and dangly earrings and assorted coloured tights. I had a burgundy pair, countless navy, black and brilliant white plus the star turn, lime green ones! Loads of corduroy, flat shoes with bows on - oh God, how embarrassing looking back :roll: !! No wonder I'm now so anti-fashion :twisted: !!

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Total YUK!


I hardly noticed the eighties outside having children!!!! I have in mind no decent music (except Tainted Heart, Soft Cell) and dreadful clothes & hair.


Well, except Channel 4 starting, with Countdown...used to watch it & feed babies for a few years


Am I just biased cos '70's were "my time" or was it as dreadful as I remember?


Still, if you youngsters want to relive it, carry on.....but go back to '60's/ '70's to be educated!

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They were pretty awful Sheila but you don't have any choice when you are born and as a teenager I was a typical 'sheep'.


Okay Lesley what my mum did with the leg warmers still makes me blush they were multicoloured stripey ones the height of fashion for me aged about 13 you wore them scrunched down at your ankles so the stripes were muted. She had taken to pinching them and one day answered the door to some of my pals wearing them. Whats wrong with that I hear you say well she was wearing them like tights :oops::oops::oops: I don't think I ever lived it down.


As for bleached hair Kate I never went down the sun in road but what I did do was dye it a sort of reddish purple that was the fashion at the time as my hair was so dark it looked good but it was cheap over the counter stuff so all of the colour washed out (my hair type doesn't hold dye) but the bleach had left it completely orange :oops::oops::oops: Obviously I had to live with it till it grew out. I have only dyed my hair once since and it was wash in stuff I used for a fancy dress party which came out at the next wash. Oh the shame it feels like true confessions of a fashion victim this :lol::lol::lol:

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Did you do the little plaits overnight so it came out crinkly the next day?? I did :oops: !


Now if this isn't a coincidence, LSH has just come home with a CD set he bought from a motorway service station - "I Love Music - 1980-1984"! Here's some of the featured artists to make you go all misty eyed.....


Kim Wilde

Duran Duran


Generation X



Heaven 17

Culture Club

Spandau Ballet

Kim Carnes

Pat Benatar



Talk Talk

China Crisis

Hot Chocolate

The Specials

Fun Boy Three and Bananarama

Dexy's Midnight Runners

J Geils Band

Kate Bush

Sheena Easton

Human League


I'm right back in the sixth form :wink: !

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I didn't need the plaits Kate nature turned my head into something akin to a brillo pad so I didn't want it any more crinkly :lol: One of my friends had a machine like straighteners but it was wiggly plates so she could get the crinkly look more easilly. I was so jealous as she had natural white blonde dead straight hair :evil:


Gosh I remember all those bands in fact I have several greatest hits collections from the list bought in the last 10 years or so :oops:


I think my favourite TV show was probably Dallas at the time you couldn't pay me to watch it now :oops::lol: I didn't watch any of the others though Dynasty is a complete mystery to me :lol:

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I'm not sure whether I should be here or in the late 70's? but I've just booked tickets to see Suzanne Vega in June!! :lol: I wanted to go and see Alison Moyet as well but had to choose. :cry:


I like female vocalists and also saw Elkie Brooks at the Hippodrome in Birmingham a few years ago - she didn't really need a microphone :lol:

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I have just noticed I am wearing one white and one slightly pink sock today :oops: I had a slight mixed wash thing last week I didn't think the sock had changed colour but it has only slightly hopefully no one will notice. It reminded me of another fashion disaster from the 80's 8) Did anyone else wear one luminous pink and one luminous green sock :?: I remember that was dead trendy for a while it was also awful but we did it anyway sometimes teamed with a rara skirt :oops: Today I have no excuse apart from being half asleep when I got dressed. Fortunately there are no meetings today so I can hide from the world :shock::shock::wink::wink:

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It reminded me of another fashion disaster from the 80's 8) Did anyone else wear one luminous pink and one luminous green sock :?: I remember that was dead trendy for a while it was also awful but we did it anyway sometimes teamed with a rara skirt :oops::wink:


Yes Louise, I to had on one pink and one green sock, I think I had a luminous orange and luminous yellow one too!! I don't know if I ever wore them with my rara skirt but I did wear them with jeans (tight jeans I seem to remember and they were bleach/stone wash ones :oops: ).I was always in my rara skirt as well it was purple, pink and white. I loved it.


I seem to remember dressing like madonna alot to, braces with jeans or skirts, lots of bangles, hair in wild pony tails with lots of ribbons and a lace glove :!::shock::oops: Right I've told to much I'm off.


I would just like to say in my defence, before you all take the mick! I was only 6 in 1980, so when all this mad fashion was taking place I would have been no older than 15?! :D:lol::shock:



-x- 8)

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