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What has happend to "The Anti Chicken"

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It took me 6 months to persuade Mum to let me keep chickens in our garden. I've been calling her "The Anti-Chicken" for a year.


Now she is always treating the girls and I have to keep telling her to cut back.


She bought them a cube so they would have more space.


She made me build a huge run for when we went on holiday.


She constantly nags me for not shutting them in early enough saying "they will be cold"


She's made porridge out of old oats that were in the cupboard.


Today I spotted a new box of oat cereal stuff on the side in her kitchen. I said to her "oh your'e eating porrige for breakfast now" She said "no, it's for the girls"


This afternoon she was telling me how when I was picking James up there was a knock knock at the door, in fact lots of knocking at the door and when she opened it the three girls were there saying "we havn't had any corn today and it's nearly bedtime"


Now she has finally agreed to me getting some ex batts - when it gets a bit warmer of course!


What happend to her?

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Its 3 ex batts and no I havn't thought of any names yet.


Although now you have me thinking.......


I sould use some of the names I call James, Pickle, Pumpkin, Poppet would be good (some of the other names I call him would be censored!)

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