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Forgotten Chickens!!

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Oh My Gosh!

I got so involved in something that I suddenly realised that it had got dark and I hadn't called the girls in. I rushed out to see where they were, torch in hand. No sign of them so I assumed they had all gone in to the eglu and I opened the egg port to look. NO BETTY!! :(

Minnie and Pearl were huddled together but no Betty. My heart was in my mouth, they have been so good at going in at night but I always check all 3 are in. So I rushed back in to enlist help and rushed back out with a coat because it had also started to rain! All sorts of thoughts were going through my mind as I called to Betty, how was I going to spot a brown hen in a dark garden?.......and there she was! :D

Huddled up against the other side of the eglu glistening with rain drops. I swooped down, picked her up and gave her a big cuddle before posting her through the egg port.

I had moved the eglu this morning, just rotating it by about 45 degrees and I can only think that she couldn't find the door in the dark. They had to stay in for most of the day and were only out for an hour.

Tomorrow they can come out all day and I'm going to spoil her with some treats! I made enough noise calling her but she didn't move even when I went up to her. a flutter or a squawk would have drawn my attention. Do they go into a kind of stupor when they go to sleep?




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Hi Jules,

She's called Betty after Bette Davis .

She was so mean to the other girls that I thought it appropriate! Minnie is so called because she was like a little mouse hiding at the back of the eglu keeping out of Betty's way and Pearl because I liked the name! I felt they should all have 'old lady' names (they do have some rather lovely ones) and I have a long list for any other chooks that may find their way here!

It surprised me that Betty was the one missing because she's usually the first in to roost so she gets prime position.


Lisa :wink:

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Last Saturday I cleaned out the eglu and moved it to a new spot. I showed the girls where it was and they even went inside for a few treats. However, stupid me had forgotten to open the eglu door and when it came to bedtime they obviously couldn't get inside so they went somewhere else. I searched for ages before catching a glimpse of them underneath the quail cage. It took me ages to get them out.

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Hi everyone!

Thanks for all the messages.

I hope I didn't upset MedusA with my comment about 'Old Lady' names. I think they are lovely names that have lots of character, it's a shame that they aren't used more nowadays.

Thanks Karen & Co, Betty's fine. This morning she came out with the others and had a bit to eat. I let them all out about 11 but she didn't seem herself. She kept to herself, didn't boss the others and kept coming into the back passage. Then she kept going into the corners, she huddled down in one (the most inconvenient!) and stayed there for ages. I was about to post a message as I was worried about her when, bless her, SHE LAID HER FIRST EGG!!!!! :D

After that she was back to her old self and I had to put her in tonight as she refused to join the others! I just hope she cottons on that she's supposed to lay in the eglu! Another member has suggested that I put a golf ball in so I have asked a golf playing friend for some. I hope it works as I don't really want to have to hunt the egg!

Lisa :D

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