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Quick Mac Question

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Everytime I log onto the forum, the red arrows are still there. Even when i have viewed a post. Even when I have replied to a post, the red arrow indicates that i still need to read it.


I cleared the cookies earlier today, but that causes other problems :roll:


As I am a technonumpty (taken from the new dictionary :D ) any ideas???

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Yes Fred, I do use the back button, but sometimes the red arrow has gone once I have viewed it and other times it hasn't.


I have emptied the cache, but this is driving me mad! The only way to clear it is to log out and log back in again, but then I miss valuable gossip! :wink::wink:

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Which browser are you using? When I use safari I get the same problem you do with the unread post arrows, or when I use firefox and open a thread in a new tab, the thread opens in both :evil:


I have a macbook and have no problems when I use my mac in windows mode. I think it's a fault with the forum.


Sorry I couldn't be more help, although downloading internet explorer (which I hate using with a passion) may rectify it.

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I have a PowerBook and used to use Safari but now use Firefox. I found that many of the pages, blogs and Tesco didn't work when i used Safari but since I switched over to Firefox things seem fine. Strangely, my husband uses a MacBook with Safari and Tesco etc works for him. Could just be a problem with me!

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I am quite new to Macs as I only got it last year. Being completely computer illiterate, I do find it really easy to use and really quick to start up/shut down. No hanging around for 'Windows is shutting down' :roll:


You can download the windows software for free if you can find the sites :wink:

eg MS Excel for Mac, MS works for Mac, MS Office for Mac etc

(this is useful when receiving emails and files from MS users)


The graphics are really cool and used by graphic designers as apparently it is excellent at design. I think Claret's Phil uses it for work (?)


I would never go back to MS. On the rare occasion that i have to use OH's Sony vaio, it drives me mad.



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