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'Not on the Label' by Felicity Lawrence

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Has anyone else read 'Not on the Label' by Felicity Lawrence. I'm just over half way through and it's compulsive.


Her chapter on chicken contains much of what was in HFW and Jamie's programmes but she has more info (book was published 2004). The info on chicken adulterated with beef and pork waste is almost beyond belief :shock:


If you care about the food you eat I would rate this book as essential reading - and if we're keeping our own chickens we all care :lol:


Previously although I'd mostly shopped in Waitrose as it's local I'd go to Asda or Tesco for a big dry goods shop. I bought free range eggs & meat, some organic products and some fair trade.


I'm now completely overhauling my buying policy.


Buying outlets are now Waitrose, small local shops or organic/fairtrade on-line.


Bananas, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and sugar will now always be fair trade.

I'm checking everything for free range eggs listed on ingredients (including pet food) and, asking about free range eggs/chicken in restaurants.


I had already moved to making all meals from scratch (fortunate to be full time tele-commuter who can make up hours in the evening if necessary) and always baked although we still buy biscuits as I suspect a tray of baked biscuits would never make it off the cooling rack.


I found her chapter on bread particularly horrifying, as it's such a basic particularly for people on low incomes. I'd already moved to 99% breadmaker bread to avoid excess sugar and salt in supermarket bread (although I do still sometimes buy from Waitrose bakery) but I was still left uncomfortable about all the shop bread I'd eaten in the past. :x


I'd be interested to know if anyone else has read this and what they changed as a result.

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I've just checked my local library for it - will go in for it asap!


I've already started changing my habits as a direct result of advice, comments, experience and suggestions from Omleteers (more "Omlet effect" :? ) and now after watching Hugh/Jamie.


  • I read more labels before deciding to buy something or not.
    I buy only freerange chicken.
    I no longer use Tesco but go to Sainsburys & Waitrose only.
    I'm trying to buy less packaged food and make my own (I don't buy ready meals - more snacky type things)

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