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Business Couriers?

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Best to check out a couple of big names like DHL, TNT and then a couple of the local ones. Check out their customer services - the service they give you will be a good indication of how they act in general!


My preference is dealing with smaller local companies who have more to lose if they don't deliver to a good standard!

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I wish I could help you. I do work for TNT Express in Customer Services, but it is in Denmark and I cannot vouch for the service offered in other countries. Obviously it is excellent here :wink:

However, I can safely say that TNT is NOT the cheapest out there - we pride ourselves on the fantastic service level. We answer 90% of all calls within 10 seconds and have a department set up to specifically investigate the 3% of our consignments that for some reason or another are not delivered on time. TNT Express is set up as a Business to Business Company and not geared towards private individuals who can't sit around at home all day waiting for a delivery to take place in office hours. TNT Post is nothing to do with TNT Express but we are owned by the same company which is the Dutch post office. Can you tell that I am proud to work for TNT? If I had ended up at DHL, UPS or Fed Ex the story might possibly have been the same but just a different colour - who knows...

Go with your gut feeling and don't worry, it's easy to switch if the company you go for doesn't live up to your expectations.

Good luck!


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A friend of mine runs his own small business and uses CityLink for his couriered things


The service from them is really good (I've been helping him out recently so had some dealing with them personally)


Like already mentioned tho, if you do pick one and you don't think things are working out, it's not too hard to change companies :D




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I've had great service from Home Delivery Network


I HATE DHL who won't leave it on the doorstep and have a depot that invovles me going into Chelmsford which takes ages in the evening.


Business Post can't find my house


Night Freight phoned for directions and got here on time


City Link have been hit and miss here


Royal Mail offer a fabulous service to me!

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this is going to sound really weird, but i have a really bad Obession with UPS.


I love there trucks, uniforms, everything! The Logo, the delivery people, everything!!!!


Id use them if they were cheaper and if we had a local depot.


I shall look into city link again, but i cant find a non 0870 type number for there main office

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Hi Laura - we use MH Couriers direct. You can choose between DHL or Parcelforce. It's £6 - 7 for next day delivery up to 30kg, £100 compensation. They take paypal & have never let us down - you can book them as late as 10pm for next day collection! They are very good! They do European delivery - certain countries too for £20 up to 10kg.


But I would use Royal mail for smaller parcels.


The men in DHL shorts in Summer are rather nice! :wink:



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