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Attack Chicken has a go at dog.......

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:lol: I walk my little dog every morning on the common inn our village. To get to there we have to pass several houses one of which has a greyhound type cross dog living there.

If he is out in the garden I usually have to pick my dog up and carry her past as she is terrified of him!! He comes charging to the gate barking and growling every time someone goes past.

Anyhow this morning ...sure enough there he was so I bent down to pick up Dottie and then I heard a terrible commotion from the garden. :lol: When I looked up the dog was being chased and pecked by a large hen LOL...the poor thing looked terrified and was running around the garden trying to get away from the hen who appeared to be trying to stop it coming to the gate! The dog backed off and retreated into the house :shock: Wouldn't have believed it unless I had seen it with my own eyes.

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There is a video on u tube called CHICKEN POLICE

That this reminded me of

Two rabbits are fighting and a couple of hens break the fight up it's so funny

I tried to put a link on but it didn't work



Links to that have been posted before.


It takes place in a cock fighting arena when you look at it properly.

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