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Left overs idea please

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I have been saving miney (and cooking yummy food) by buying joints of meat and doing a roast and then having enough left over meat to do dinners for another night or two. However Im running out of ideas of what to do with the left overs so we dont have two dinners the same straight after each other. If I have red meat I tend to stick it through the mincer and make shepards pie, or I use it with teh left over gravy, some veg and stick a pie crust on top. If I have chicken I either dice it with a white wine sauce and veg with rice, or do a chicken and mushroom pasta dish.


Anyone got any other ideas, I would do stir fry but its not really the weather for it.

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Hi CatsCube


There is only me and DH so I always do a roast dinner once or twice a week. With our left over joints I tend to make up curries, I either make my own recipies or if I'm in a hurry I'll chuck the meat in with a sauce from a tin (not as nice though). Also I'll do pies and homemade pasties.


We also make risotto's and you can add chciken to it.


If you have a mincer you could make a lasagne using left over beef.


Another thought esp. for winter is cilli con carnnie (spelling) opps ... if you make your own you can control the heat !!!


Im also thrifty using leftover veggies.........bubble and squeek.


Oh I'm on a roll now :roll: ........pack up lunches.........sandwiches or cooked pasta with cold cuts mixed with tomatos etc.


Hope this gives you extra alternatives



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Cat - when I'm running out of ideas, i tend to order a nice new recipe book from the library. I don't know if Norfolk is as good as Suffolk for the library, but we can go online and order books with no reservation fee. I recently got The River Cottage cook book which seems to have quite a lot of leftover recipes and has kept OH entertained (most of the book isn't actually recipes!)

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We buy loads of cook books from our local Red Cross book shop and we have far too many, but when I review them with a view to getting rid of them there is always a recipe that I want to make :oops: They are much cheaper than buying cookery magazines and they don't have all the annoying adverts and they can in theory be sent back to the charity to make more money :D

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