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Have you got roosting bars in there acting like a perch? 8)

It's half of an old Ikea shoe rack that got a bit broken. They love it and perch on it all the time :D. The ends fit through the mesh perfectly - in fact if you had two "shelves" you could nail them together and they'd fit right across the run.


Oooh I love it - where does one get the corrugated plastic from? My shower curtain blew off on Friday never to be seen again!

I'm so pleased with it - we've had bad gales for 4 days and it's not moved a centimetre :D . I got it from a huge B&Q - corrugated plastic sheeting (in the builders yard bit), 2 1/2 metres long. There is a longer size but it was too long for the car - and the run I think - and I don't know if you can cut it easily (you could ask B&Q I suppose?). £12 the pair - bargain :D .

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