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chicken nappy?

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didnt know wether to put this in here or in the chicken section, but i ended up here first so.... I am taking one of my chickens to a school where my sister works for a pet day, i would like to have a chicken nappy for her as im sure she will make quite a mess if i dont, but i have no idea where to get one from :roll: ive looked on ebay but there was none, and the other thing is that money is REALLY tight so i cant afford to buy a multie pack because i only need one. Any suggestions?

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:oops: maybe i should have explained myself better, its like a little harness that you put on your chicken to catch their poop, and i think theres ones that are just like a baby nappie but oviously smaller. I have seen these in pictures before, in the welcome to the forum section there is a lady by the name of duckmomma? she has a house duck and it has a nappie, i know they are very common for house chickens and ducks
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I took my chickens to a Nursery last year and we kept them outside.


You could create a little penned area for them.


I've never heard of a chicken nappy! :lol:


I'm not sure how happy the hen would be to wear it and the clean up job when you get her home will be fairly grisly. :?

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Hi chicken lover

Just seen your post, how soon do you need a nappy?

I might be able to help advise you how to make a temporary harness for your chook.

You need something that will keep the mess away from the body, as chicken poo is acidic I think, don't want to burn it's bum :)

I replied to your email before I saw your post, offering the web address for the harnesses, but think you won't have time to wait for it to arrive, and also it's not worth the expense just for one day.

When Baby was too small for the proper harness, I used to make her little ones from stretchy material and pop a bit of an always pad in it.

They are so easy to make and might do the trick.

Let me know and I will be happy to send you one to copy, you would just need to make it bigger :) and you night need somthing bigger than an always pad.

Just let me know hunni


x xx

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Ok hunni

I will dig one out and put it in the post for you,

Just pm me your addi and I will try to do it in the morning for you

with any luck you will have it by tues/ wed.

Hope that gives you enough time to make one in the right size.



Meanwhile I will try to email you some kind of diagram with insructions to give you a head start. note I say try :lol: not too good in the art department :lol:

If you look at the pic of baby on the cushion you can just see a bit of the harness I made her.

as she grew out of them so quickly, I started making them too big so she would grow into them, This meant sometimes it covered her tail, poor thing looked mummified :lol: but it did the job.

Will try to resize some pics and put them on.

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Thats true :)

And the kids will find it hilarious too, kids the Little darlings love all that kind of stuff, farts and poos, they will be talking about it for days :wink:

Just make sure they are anti bacterial wipes to keep the parents happy


ps meanwile have emailed you a diagram, and am trying to find old one for you, just in case :wink:

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Awwwww How sweet :lol:


I have found one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had an awfull moment where I thought I had thrown them out :?


I've put a nappy in it so you can see how it goes in.

And I have put the pins in for the same reason

I use Asda's own brand of Nappies newborn Size they are only 1.60 something a pack so if you need to get some they are about the cheapest.

I also use boots own brand size 0(Thats the type I have put in for you) or their newborn size if they are on special offer.

I just cut the tabs off and fold the top over

I tell you this in case you want to continue using the harness when your little one has her picnics :lol:

Nothing spoils a picnic quicker than chicken poop in the sandwhiches :wink:


I think the one I am sending might fit a hen, except the body would need to be made longer, maybe you could cut it and stitch a panel in to make it fit.


As I assume chickens don't drink as much as ducks do I would think their droppings are not so wet, but I would still have a trial run before the day and keep checking to see if the pad needs changing.

Also I would make some spare harnesses to take with you just in case,

I always have a spare harness ready with a nappy in it (you do occasionally get overspill on the harness if you forget to change the nappy, and it is so much easier to take the whole thing off and just put a fresh one on than messing around trying to get one pad out and another in if you are surrounded by people going eewwww or yuuuuuk :lol:

Any way It will be on it's way to you as soon as pos :wink:


You didn't say when you were taking the chicken in :?:

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i cant tell you how greatfull i am and if you PM me i will send you a postal order of the amount you are spending on doing this for me, it is the last day of term i have to take her in so i think thats the 8th of feb. she just gave me a heart attack wondering off out the garden, i think she was trying to knock for the dog next door and see if she wanted to come and play :roll:

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Thanks chicken lover

But don't worry about it, , it's Pennies, honest

Even postage is stamps that are excess to requirements.

And I get the nice warm feeling that comes from helping some one out :lol:

I need to go to the post office tomorrow so will post it from there.

I just hope it works for you, like I said I don't think it will fit a chicken but you could put a panel in to make it longer maybe.


I wish I could make the proper ones but they are much more complicated.


You must let us know how the day goes, Don't feel obliged to use nappies hunni, if it works out better just to take wipes that's what you should do :)

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There was a thread running, about the same time as I first started using this forum, all about chicken diapers, largely about people who keep chickens as house pets and use them to keep the chickens and therefore their houses clean. It was hilarious.............so much so that I stopped visiting and joined up as a full member.

So look what chicken nappies did to me............I used to have a life before I found myself logging on here at every opportunity :shock::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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