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little chickadee

Anyone got one of these essential egg gadgets?

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I bought one of these for my OH last month. They work wonderfully and look fantastic on display too.




I got this quote from a website


The idea of a Britain as a nation of bowler-hatted men, smacking the top of boiled eggs with upside-down teaspoons each morning, has amused us for years.


But now, in what has to be the most exciting boiled egg news since recent innuendo about the Prince of Wales, egg-cracking has gadgetrized its way into the 21st century with the Clack.


We’re sketchy on the engineering, but the essence of the device is the metal ball that falls from a considerable height (considerable to an egg, at least), cracking the egg perfectly and, somehow, slicing the top of the egg off with similar precision.


I say, what a smashing gadget!"


They give a perfect circle!

I'm not suggesting anyone should buy one (that would be irresponsible of me and lead people into finacial ruin :wink: ) but, maybe something to think of for birthdays/ christmas!


I got mine from a local cookware shop. but you can get them from loads of different places online.


eg http://www.eurocosm.com/Application/Products/Clack/clack-egg-1GB.asp

(I've not looked into postage or anything)


Oh By the way - look what I got for Christmas



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Does it have to do with that quote about him having a butler employed to cut the top off his egg in the morning? ....apparently he is so picky about his eggs that they have to boil several in case some aren't up to scratch!


He wouldn't last long in my house - if you don't eat it, then you don't get anything else :twisted:


Wotcha Melanie... how are you my dear?

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:D Ooh, ooh, we've got one of those!



It has a very long German name meaning something like 'thing for taking the top neatly off boiled eggs' but we call it 'the clack'.


Ours was a housewarming gift from friends. With it came a box of four eggs from their own two hens... and the Eglu quest began with persuading my lovely, long-suffering husband that keeping chickens was a viable option and ended with my getting an orange Eglu for Christmas. :clap:


So this has very very happy associations for me, now we have our own two feathery ginger ladies at the bottom of the garden, and clacked eggs for breakfast as often as we like!

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