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paper pulling

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could someone please tell me why every time i change the paper in the poop tray, the chooks insist on ripping out the top sheet!!!!


its not like its got anything good on it o read, but every single time i have to go and retieve all the little bits of shredded newspaper.



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Funny you should be talking about this today cos when I got home from work my chooks had pulled out their newspaper from the poop tray.Thats the first time since we got them,anyway I neatly put everthing back in place and pleased with myself went in for a late lunch only to look back down at them to see they had pulled it straight back out! Attention seeking I call it!!



(green eglu)GNR Ivy

PP Mavis

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I push the paper away from the front of the poo tray, to almost the 3rd roosting bar on the entrance bit of the eglu. All birds as pets love to rip up newspaper - it's like their playtime. My parents have a parrot & she adores ripping paper up! :roll: I wonder what it is with them? I sometimes plonk my paper on top of the run whilst changing the girls, next minute they jump up & pull at the paper with their beaks, they're devils!



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