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Claire B

New Run & Chickens

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Here are the pictures of my new run which we had built on Tuesday. We have put on the patio for now until I get garden sorted :D


View from my back door.



Back view.




We also paid a visit to omlet on Thursday to pick up my lovely pink cube which we built Friday morning before we went to collect some new chickens :lol:


Eleanor aks Ellie the Specked Sussex



Elizabeth aka Lizzy the Light Sussex



Matilda the Cream Legbar



Old and new chickens getting to know each other.


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I'm not sure how far Tony will travel, xscrunchee might know or you could email him on Aviaries4u@aol.com


xscrunchee told me he would travel 100 mile radius from Cambridge.


Lovely run. I was :shock::shock: when you casually said we built this on Tuesday :) so quick :shock: then realised it was built already and just had to be put together.



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That run looks brilliant and sooo much bigger than mine :D

Wish I could have had a bigger one really-can fit more hens in a bigger one :wink:


Love the perches too, very nice. Have they used them yet?

I bet you are really happy with it-it looks fantastic.


Can you get your cube roof out of the door?


I can get the base of the Eglu in and out but not the green lid :?

The lid had to be put inside the run before he fixed the last panel in place-not that it causes any problems really it would just be a pain if I wanted to take the whole Eglu out for any reason.


Mine are currently using two christmas tree trunks as perches :lol:



Edited to say-the new girls are gorgeous too!! There I was waffling on about the run and forgot to mention the beautiful girls who will be living in it! :roll::oops:

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When I asked him before, he said that he would be willing to go past his 100 mile radius from Cambridge but I'm not sure how much further out he would travel. :?

Might be worth asking him though because if it was 'worth his while' so to speak, he may well go out quite a bit further.


I seriously cannot fault his work at all. My run really is very strong and sturdy and I'm sure Claire would say the same. :D

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