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Cozy Chickens

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I wish they had published the pattern!


I'll have a go at explaining how we have made one in the past...............


knit 2 chicken size squares.


join the 2 squares along just one edge, leaving a gap in this edge big enough to fit over your chickens head.


when this is on the chicken, 1 square lays across their back and the other square hangs down the front of them.


You now need to create a arm/wing hole between the 2 squares. Pull the front sqaure up and around the chook, keeping their wing outside. You'll find that behind their wing the 2 sqaures should meet and you put a stitch here to hold the sqaures together and it creates a wing hole (hopefully :roll:)


Voila - you should now have the latest sort after fashion accessory for a young and happening chook :wink::wink:

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