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vomit smell - help!

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My youngest threw up in the car this morning just as we had arrived at school!. I have managed to take her car seat out and wash it and the covers but the smell seemed to be lingering in the seat fixed in the car. Looked on google for help; I have washed it with salt water and neat detergent and clean water. Just been out again and the smell is still there :shock:

Eldest daughter has also been sick ! so had to do another run to school (half hour each way!) So just waiting for middle daughter to start. She will probably time it as she makes her entrance on stage for Joseph TCD tonight :shock:

Anyhow as I seem to be cleaning up alot of :vom: have you got any tips for getting rid of the smell.tar very much

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I'd also say bicarb, however the suggestion of Zoflora is a good one. My sister used to work in residential care for people with learning difficulties. Zoflora was the only disinfectant they could use, because apparently it's not poisonous if you accidentally drink it.


I use it for covering up, ahem, cat smells - once they have weed in the house they will go back to the same spot, and Zoflora disguises it. Bicarb is the best thing for absorbing smells though. Hope it works, Maria!

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Do we all have to get a vomit smell now? :think:


Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, heeeeeeeeeeeeeee :lol::lol::lol:


The day before we were changing our old car DD2 was sick in it :roll: I got most of it off as I could and just handed it over the next day :oops: Bit of a drastic way of getting rid of the smell I know :lol::lol:


I do hope your kids are feeling better soon Maria :wink:

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Thank you, any offers of vomit cleaning are most welcome. Lizzie has now been sick 9 times, three sets of bedding, 4 nighties and a 2 rolls of kitchen roll and dettox. Charlotte the youngest was sick once and then seemed to recover in an hour and now is on good form. I am battling with an 'orrible cold. The only blessing being I can't smell the sick coz i'm so blocked up :shock::roll:

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