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Very proud mummy moment UPDATE NO 2!

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Our first egg arrived today and I'm pretty sure it came from daisy as she has been going in and out of her house for the last couple of days and making lots of sweet little noises.


I'm so proud of her as it is perfect for her first egg :D



I know, I need to get a better camera!!



Now what do I do with one tiny bantam egg? :roll:

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How big is a bantam egg? Do you have to eat 2 at a time :) .


Mine are about 40g, which is 2/3 a medium egg. They make very cute little fried/poached eggs for breakfast! Also, they have less white than standard eggs, so scrambled eggs, etc are always bright buttercup yellow :shock:


On the downside, they are probably proportionally higher in fat, but they're so yummy, I don't care!

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Well you'll never guess what I've just found!?


Egg number 3 :dance:


Poppy was making lots of loud noises and running in and out of her house, up and down the run and low and behold number 3 arrived shortly afterwards. I am absolutely over the moon with them for given me 3 eggs in one day :lol::lol::lol:


And its all there first time too :D:D:D



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