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The Dogmother

Real food festival in April

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Just received this on the Big Barn newsletter....


'Fall in love with food all over again.....'



Imagine the very best line-up of produce and ingredients, incredible wines and drinks from small, unique producers, restaurants serving carefully sourced dishes and a comprehensive programme of entertaining and educational workshops where you can discover some of the best food and drink in the worldÖ


So here it is, the Real Food Festival taking place at Earls Court, London from the 24-27th April. It's pretty much the biggest farmers market ever, where you will be able to visit 500 of not just British, but some of the worldís best small food and drink producers. Not only can you meet the people that reared the pigs, planted the carrots, milked the cows and crushed the grapes, you can taste their produce, learn about it, then buy it to take home.


And if you book your tickets before the 15th February you'll qualify for an early bird discount of £5discount off the advanced ticket price* so you pay only £10 (Advance price £15, On the Door £18. )


To book your tickets today simply visit www.realfoodfestival.co.uk and type on the code TATSVE2


*Offer ends 15/02/08


"The Real Food Festival will change the way we think about food, and gives producers and consumers an opportunity to meet and share their passion for authentic quality produce." Zac Goldsmith



I expect that we'll be going!

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Howsabout you co-ordinate Tessa :wink: I'll PM you my number.

Well volunteered!


What!! I go away to deal with a moderate domestic crisis and all of sudden

I'm head of planning :shock::shock:


I think a good move would be to ask Witchhazel who is going on the Friday to seek out a really nice cafe place inside, explain where it is (if she doesn't mind doing it? anyway I've volunteered her :wink: ) and then we can choose a time to meet up for CAKE :)



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