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you're welcome, my last order was for ground sumac and ras el hanout, the little pouches last ages, they're really good quality and they always arrive very quickly and they have a great array of products.


what did you order Lesley?

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what did you order Lesley?


how long have you got?????


Ras el Hanout - which I went to look for.......

Cardamom Masala

Caribbean Jerk Spice Rub

Indonesian Seven Seas

Kaffir Lime Leaves


Sumac Berries - I can't remember what I wanted them for now? :?

Tandoori Masala


Rose Petals - some of those went in the Rose and Vanilla junket I made again yesterday.


I've never felt excited about spices before - sad isn't it :roll::lol:

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It's not likely to be either :? ........


I wonder if they'll go with the dates I bought specifically to make something last year.... and then couldn't remember what it was :roll:


The seasoned Pioneer site has recipes and descriptions of all the spices.... and a list of ingredients in the case of a mix like the Ras el Hanout.

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i'd never heard of it until my friend gave me a (delish) recipe for Moroccan lamb stew/tagine. She said to use Moroccan spices so i googled to try and find out where to get some and found details of ras el hanout. You can buy moroccan spices in Asda and i've used both and there is NO substitute for the real McCoy. It has to be Ras now or nothing for us, it makes ALL the difference.

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Thanks for this link, I'm going to boookmark it as it looks very useful. And there is no minimum order price which is good. I have used www.thespiceshop.co.uk (sorry, I can't remember how to do links and I can't find the instructions) which is very good, but you have to buy £10 at a time (although it's not hard, as they have so many interesting things).



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* trots off to google ras el hanout * - never 'eard of it :oops: .


Ras el hanout (just in case I'm not the only ignoramus round here :wink:) .



Nope-there are two of us! :oops::lol:


Thank you-saved me looking it up :wink:



THREE :lol:


Make that four! Interesting ingredients in it though :? I'd be very keen to know exactly what was in the mix if I bought it! :shock:

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Just been looking at this site, need to talk to Kev, as he is the one wot does most of the cooking :D .


anyway, did you see the little questionnaire at the bottom of the page?


you can choose the heat rating of your spices :D


"Heat Rating: Mild Sultry Spicy Explosive Volcanic"


VOLCANIC :shock::shock::shock::lol::lol:




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don't the little pouches look cute displayed like that :D


I have a whole shelf in one of my cupboards just for spices, far too many little pots to display but I love the way they look on that rack Cat.


This is my spice cupboard :lol:



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