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standing on glug..

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We have the standard run with our Eglu and use the Glug and Grub.All was well but now the girls have managed to knock down the glug a couple of times(I suspect by trying to stand on it,it always looks dirty!).Apart from making a muddy flood I'm concerned that when we go away for the weekend they will do the same and leave themselves with no water.I don't want to wire it to the bars,so I'm looking to getting a different type.Can anyone suggest the best type to buy.

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ours stand in the glug too :lol:


but they have never managed to know it off the cage, (you probably have but) have you checked that its actually on properly and there isnt a blob of plastic stopping it from sitting properly. :?


they dont seem to mind the dirty water though :roll:


hope this helps




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I have my glug touching the floor, but I hook it onto the sides of the run, not on the side the door is on. . Because the wire "slopes" I put each of the hooks onto a different wire, so to make the glug lie flat rather than slightly sloped.

Try that if you don't do so already.

i also have the glug filled to the top.

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Mine wash their feet in the glugs all the time.


No manners. :roll:


It was a while before I realised that they were supposed to rest on the floor, and that the hooks are just for a bit of anchorage....they are not meant to be weight bearing.


Before that they fell of several times.


I've noticed that they do seem to drink more easily from it when it is lower down, because of the movements they make with their necks.

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