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so i'm thinking of changing my avatar................

which picture do you think I should use?  

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  1. 1. which picture do you think I should use?

    • piano
    • garden

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this is my lounge - I had to wait until the builders left for my piano to be delivered - I couldn't wait. I had been years without a piano (it's been my therapy the last few months) :D :D :D



this is a new little area I created in my garden..........catches the morning sun :D:D Great place to sit and watch the chooks



this is just a few of the home and garden improvements that have been keeping me busy over the past year...........

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Love your piano!


I was searching for a baby grand and found this instead in a piano shop near Windsor. Decided this was much more fun and so much more me :D :D :D


It's thought that it was a one of as Zender only used to make painos in wood effect. I have googled it and found that a piano tuner posted a pic of it when he went to tune it at a previous owner (know it's the same piano due to the marks on it)

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Piano one as I love the cat in the bowl!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol:


well spotted, I never noticed it. :shock:


is it real?


Yup - that's Tizzy, she's 6 months old and came from the local rescue centre. It's her fav place to sleep (gets the sun most of the day). Our Jack Cat used to sleep in the bowl years ago aswell - must be comfy :D :D :D


and Chelsea.........how could miss the drum kit :roll::roll: It's loud enough :wink::D:D

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Love the music room /lounge

do you (or the family) play all the instruments?


kev plays the guitar, im also learning to play it (hes got me guitar for valentines day :D , not arrived yet, so dont know what it looks like)


and a friend at school said she would teach me the clarinet if I got one (yes, I got one :D )


I used to play the violin at school, and we have a keyboard, but I love your piano - its 8)


so PIANO for me




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That's a music room, not a lounge!


I too missed the cat-in-bowl, had to scroll back. On the whole though, as an avatar, I rather like the garden one.


there's a tv in there aswell :wink:


If I use the garden one, I'll have to update in few months when hopefully the clematis has grown up the obelisks (hoping they grow soon, tiny shoots are starting to appear).


.........not helping my decision making :?:?:?:lol::lol::lol:

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Love the music room /lounge

do you (or the family) play all the instruments?


I learnt the piano, cello and saxophone as a child and teenager (bit rusty on the Saxophone though as I learnt it for the least amount of time) - did all the grades and played in the local and county youth orchestras


Charlie learnt the violin at primary school and I'm teaching her the piano.


I had always wanted to learn how to play the guitar but never had the time so now I'm making time and Charlie and I are both teaching ourselves the guitar.


Charlie had always wanted a drum kit (and so had I..........but sssshhhhhh I didn't say that :wink: ) One of her friends plays and is teaching her :D:D

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I can play the didgeridoo, sort of! So can I come and chill too? And I've just arranged secret guitar lessons - OH plays and I want to surprise him - he got me a bog standard acoustic about 18 months ago and I've never done anything about it. Of course, I could surprise everyone by being COMPLETELY RUBBISH! But you've got to have a go.

I'm afraid I love both pictures, LOVE the orange piano, LOVE the purple umbrella. Where'd d'you get the umbrella? Want one want one!


Mrs Bertie

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